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Making the bed as a child can be extremely frustrating. As a parent, you want them to do this to teach them responsibility. ZipIt Bedding is the best of both worlds for this. The one-zip feature makes it easy for little ones to make their bed and as a parent you are happy that they are able to do something for themselves.

I received ZipIt Bedding in Extreme Sports for my son’s twin bed. Making his bed used to be a challenge, but now he is more then happy to make his bed up in the morning. Each of the sets comes as a reversible top so you have two choices. You can even mix and match the sets to create different looks. This style of bedding is perfect to keep your child tucked in all night long too. You won’t have to worry about the covers moving around all over the place.


ZipIt Bedding is also perfect if you have bunk beds. Those beds can be really hard to reach around and make. With one zip, they look perfect! There is also a side zip pocket that things can be stored inside. This is really one of the best ideas that has come out in a while. I actually think that I was more excited about the bedding then my son was when it arrived. Even more it Glow’s in the Dark. How cool is that?

They even have different sizes and styles that have been added for back to campus. These would be perfect for dorm rooms too! Washing ZipIt Bedding is also just as easy as making the bed. All you have to do is un-zip, wash as normal and put back on the bed. It’s as easy as that. Sheets and comforters for bedding has never been made easier. Now that I see how it works with my son’s bed, I am tempted to buy for my bed too. You can upgrade to a full or queen size for just a little more. The pillowcases come with your order of the bedding, so you will be all set! ZipIt Bedding

Each set includes Zippered Comforter and Fitted Sheet + Free Matching Zippered Pillowcase. Order your ZipIt Bedding for 2 easy payments of $29.99 + shipping and handling.

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*This blog received a sample product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*


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