I recently was given the opportunity to work with YouCopia and review one of their products. Last month I received my very first Keurig Brewer and was so excited about trying all the new flavors of delicious coffees. I just didn’t have room in my cabinets to store all of the boxes so I came across YouCopia website and seen the CoffeeStack® and thought this would be perfect to hold my K-Cups. YouCopia was founded in 2006 by father-daughter duo Mark and Lauren Greenwood. Mark, a product designer with 30+ years experience, developed a concept that would challenge the traditional spice rack. He designed, the SpiceStack, that smartly organizes store-bought spices in the kitchen cabinet. Unique horizontal drawers flip down to reveal spice bottle labels for easy selection and return while cooking.

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The CoffeeStack® is a perfect solution for organizing 40 K-Cups®* out of sight in your kitchen cabinet. Less than six inches wide, the CoffeeStack® drawers lower to resting position, so you can easily see and select your coffee of choice.


  • Organizes 40 K-Cups
  • Fits standard cabinets, measures 10.9″x 5.3″W x 9.3″H (27,7 x 13,3 x 23,5 centimeters)
  • Black and silver colors complement any kitchen decor
  • Non-skid feet hold unit securely in place
  • No assembly required, units are stackableyoucopia3

Now the “Stack” concept has been extended to a line of coffee pod organizers for the most popular single-serve machines, and to the BakeStack, which organizes all your baking tools and accessories. Our latest introduction, TeaStand, holds 100+ tea bags in a compact space in your kitchen cabinet.


YouCopia is proud of our continued quest for functional, innovative products that help you get organized, especially in the kitchen—the heart of the home. We’re motivated by the success stories of our customers and our own desire for a more simplified, enjoyable life. This has been great. Being only 5″1, I tend to have to either climb on counters or pull up a chair to reach most of the items in my cabinets. With YouCopia CoffeeStack® I can easily reach it as I placed in it our seasoning cabinet next to my coffee maker. No need to measure out how much coffee, worry about coffee filters. I just open the drawer and choose my coffee flavor. It is definitely a space saver as I have all my spices and a spinning spice rack all on one shelf. I highly recommend the CoffeeStack® to anyone who loves coffee and is looking for a space saver to store your favorite coffees. Purchase online at Amazon for just $29.98 plus free shipping on orders over $35. Download the “30 Days of Organizing” e-book. 

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