I came across this website with the cutest shoes for toddlers while browsing shoes for Eli our youngest. This company makes no ordinary shoes but the most unique shoes you could have for a toddler. Yochi Yochi introduced America with their latest trend from Japan. These shoes are made with a small squeaking diaphragm on the bottom of each shoe which makes a squeak every time your child makes a step. These shoes were designed partly for safety but also makes fun to wear for the children. Many doctors have suggested that when the child hears their footsteps the sounds become a natural rhythm of walking and helps them to walk. Yochi Yochi strives in keeping their company Earth Friendly. Their manufacturing uses water based dyes for printing and as a result any effluents from the factory are not harmful to our environment.


I had the chance to review a pair of Yochi Yochi shoes. Eli chose the Captain Zuga Shoes for our review. When we received his Yochi Yochi shoes they arrived in a cute drawstring bag and he coulnd’t wait to wear them. We tried them on and they fit great and even had plenty of growing room so he could get a good wear out of them. Every time he takes a step the shoes squeak and Eli can not get enough. He has been wearing them all day and pitches a fit when he has to take them off. The shoes are made with great material and the Velcro strap makes putting the shoe on easy for Eli to do himself and also he can take them off with no help. He loves the skull design as he thinks they are Pirate shoes and he is the Captain cause he has these special shoes. When we go to town and are walking around in the store I can hear him beside me or walking a little behind me because of the squeaker. I always know where he is without having to watch him all the time.


  • Distinctive squeak when child takes a step.
  • Soft inside to keep feet comfortable.
  • Durable rubber soles.
  • Made with high quality Nylon
  • Velcro closure for easy on/off


Yochi Yochi shoes offers 4 different designs to choose from: Prince Kairu (Frog), Captain Zuga (Skull), Princess Sakura (Panda) and Miss Musha (Ladybug). 


If you have a little one who is learning to walk or is walking head over and check out Yochi Yochi shoes for just $29.95 and matching socks for just $9.95!

To see more about Yochi Yochi or to see all of their products visit Website here. 

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