Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with WubbaNub on a review of one of their infant pacifiers. WubbaNub is a mom invented product to solve the dilemma of the lost pacifier. Pacifiers are typically small enough to fit into even the tiniest crevices. From in between couch cushions to between the bed railings, they seem to get lost or fall on the floor at the most inconvenient times. The WubbaNub is a silicone pacifier is sewn to a small plush animal. This prevents the pacifier from becoming lost because it is now attached to a larger object. You can select from a wide variety of animals from the basic cat and dog to the more exotic elephant and dinosaur.

Wubbanub animals

I’m not sure if you’ve ever given a baby a pacifier by putting it in his or her hand. If you have, you probably know that it is not usually a successful way to soothe your child. It is very difficult for a little one who is still developing fine motor skills and coordination to get an object the size of a pacifier to the mouth. Add that to the fact that many pacifiers are designed to be inserted into the mouth in a correct orientation, and the success rate will decrease even further. The WubbaNub solves these problems by creating a larger object for the child to manipulate and by using a pacifier that is shaped in such a way that it can be used in any orientation.

WubbaNub box

When I first received the Monkey WubbaNub, I wanted to give it to my little girl right away to see how she responded to it. Knowing that we had a road trip the following day, I decided to hold off on presenting it to her so she would have something novel to check out on the long journey. At first, she didn’t seem to know what to think of this strange new object. She held it in her hands feeling the soft fur of the monkey and holding it as she would any other stuffed toy. Eventually, on her own, she began exploring it with her mouth. Initially, I thought she was even going to enjoy chewing on the tail even more than using the pacifier.

WubbaNub tail

Without any prompting or intervention from me, she was able to manipulate the WubbaNub so that she got the pacifier to her mouth.

WubbaNub pacifier

Almost there!

WubbaNub in mouth

Got it!

I was incredibly glad to have this particular item with us on our road trip. We were traveling from Arizona to Big Bear, CA by car. The elevation change was over 5,000 feet which obviously resulted in some pressure changes in the ears. This is an uncomfortable experience for adults but is easily remedied by chewing gum, yawning, swallowing or doing that weird blow-while-holding-your-nose thing. For a six month old baby, it can be downright torture. With the help of the WubbaNub, I was able to encourage her to chew and suck the pacifier to help relieve the pressure in her ears. It was great that she was able to get it to her mouth on her own so that she could control her comfort herself.

WubbaNub monkey

Because the WubbaNub pacifier piece is sewn to the animal, if the silicone becomes cracked or damaged, there is no way to replace just the pacifier. It might be possible to rip the thread to remove the damaged piece and continue to use it as a stuffed animal, but you couldn’t add on a new pacifier. In addition, if you have a child who is very particular about using a certain type of pacifier, this may not be an appealing option to him or her.

The WubbaNub provides comfort in two ways: one is through sucking on the pacifier, the other is snuggling with the animal. My daughter was easily able to manipulate the monkey to get the pacifier in her mouth. She also enjoyed playing with the monkey as a toy. If you are currently using pacifiers, consider a WubbaNub for your little one. It allows more independence in self-soothing and provides a fun and comforting toy!

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