The kids have been non stop about these toys listed below. They each have them listed on their Christmas lists for Santa. Life of a Southern Mom received the wonderful opportunity to work with WowWee and feature some of there top oh did I mention HOT toys this holiday season. WowWee was founded in 1988, as an independent research, development and manufacturing company that focused on cutting-edge technologies. WowWee introduced the WowWee’s Robosapien in 2004, and how we can interact with entertainment robotics companions and focus on the innovative, imaginative toys and gadgets. They have a distinct product lines that consist of WowWee Robotics, Lite Sprites, WowWee Alive, WowWee FlyTech, WowWee Technology, Paper Jamz and Light Strike. They can walk, talk, color, fly, project, jam and more.wowwee

Do you have a child that seems to have everything? Are you at a loss for what to get them for the holidays that they can brag about to their friends? Wowwee is an amazing company that offers tons of innovative toys. I want to introduce four of these amazing toys to you that will blow your child’s mind and wildest dreams on Christmas morning.


Meet MiP Robot. He will be your child’s new best friend. He is equipped with GestureSense Technology, which in a nutshell is his personality. MiP has an immersive personality and will invite your little one to come along and have fun with him. All they have to do is show him some love and he will be your best friend, but the crazy opposite happens when you show any anger around him. MiP has tons of interactive play. You can even use an app with him and you can enable him to dance, drive and much more.


MiP also has different modes that you can set him to so that he can do specific things such as tracking, dance, roam, tricks, cage and stack. All you have to do is use hand motions and MiP will follow. He is the perfect interactive toy for your child and is like nothing else on the market that you have seen before. MiP does so much interactive play that I have a feeling that he will be a hit for a long time. He is interactive with an app that is available on both the App Store and Google Play so is compatible with all sorts of phones. All the modes will leave you still discovering new things about MiP and his personality every single day.

There are tutorials on the WowWee website to teach you all about every single mode that MiP is capable of doing. Here is a list of all of his amazing talents:
















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Another great toy that will be a great addition to your child’s holiday gift list is Elektrokidz. Elektrokidz are a music-inspired collectible that will dance to any beat that you happen to be listening to. Admit it, you would have wanted one when you were a kid. They are very reminiscent of trolls, but they are futuristic in their design. There are six Elektrokidz that you can choose from that come in six different finishes. There is an Elektrokidz collectable that is perfect for every child that is on your gifting list.


Each one of those awesome Elektrokidz comes with their own shades and has their own special hair movement that will dance to the beat. This means that no two dance the same to the same beat. They each have their own unique style and being able to personalize them with colors that are your favorites makes them even more unique to the person that you are gifting them to. Kids and adults alike will love Elektrokidz because they are entertaining and a conversation starter. There is nothing out there that is quite like them and unique gifts are always something that will makes you smile.

Take them anywhere that there is a beat and watch them rock out. They would be great dashboard buddies in the car for those road trips that need just a little more entertainment. Once you get one, you will want them all to have a true Elektrokidz jam out party because like I said, no two are exactly the same!

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Noomie by Wowwee is third up on our list of just a few examples of unique gifts that you can get for the holidays. As you may have guessed Wowwee loves to have toys that are interactive with you and Noomie is no different. Noomie is a very interactive and addictive toy for the little girl or child on your list. Noomie has six active themed accessories that will change her personality and actions when they are put on her.

The six accessories that Noomie can wear are:
Varsity Cap – Noomie will transform into a preppy and peppy cheerleader right before your eyes if you put this accessory on her.
Silly Tongue – Noomie can be a character of all out seriousness, but if you put in her silly tongue she will transform into a silly girl that will make you laugh over and over again.
Pacifier – Noomie can be transformed into a Noomie-Baby with this fun accessory. All you have to do is show her some love and affection like you would a human baby and make sure that she never cries.
Cowgirl Hat – With this accessory Noomie will be turned into a cowgirl and believe me she loves her cows and horses (moo-moos and nay-nays).
Bow – When you put on Noomie’s beautiful bow she will become your BFFAE. That of course means your Best Friend Forever And Ever.
Kissy Lips – When these lips are put on Noomie as an accessory she will become a super loving machine and smother you in kisses.

All of these accessories make playing with Noomie fun and a different experience with each and every persona that she takes on with them. Noomie also has her own Noomian language that you will have to learn. Learning a new language that is specifically for your little one and Noomie will be just one more reason that they will become the best of friends.

If you want to check out the Noomian Language for yourself check it out here. The fun and adventures that your child will have with Noomie will be endless.

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The fourth toy that will be a hit with your little one this holiday season is Tipster. Tipster is a 2014 Family Fun Toy Fair favorite so you know it has to be something special. This is a great first robot for a child that may have never experienced one before. Tipster is great for young children and has five different play modes. The remote is also very easy to use which is another great reason that it would be great for the younger child that is just starting out with technology driven toys.


Tipster has interactive activities for your little one to engage in like balancing, stacking and more. It is similar to the MiP in some of it’s functions but is not quite as high-tech. The games that you can play with Tipster will challenge your little one in a fun way that will not leave them frustrated. For parents sake, Tipster comes with a storage barrel so that you can store all of your items that you like to stack with Tipster inside.

Tipster teaches your child coordination and balancing in the modes that you can choose. There is also a free play mode so that your child and Tipster can go on adventures that they want to together. The five game modes that are included are of course stacking, balancing and free play, but also includes tricks and building.

Some of the games that can be played with Tipster are:

Tippy Tunes – Your child will see how much they can stack on Tipster before the music stops.

Dizzy Builder – See how much your child can build on Tipster as he spins and counts down from 10. This game has three different rounds and each one gets a little bit more tricky.

Tipster Takedown – Tipster will tell you what to stack on him and then drive around until they all fall off.

Tipster Trix – Tipster gets on top of his barrel and balances. Your child will drive im around to see if they can get him off balance.

Free Play – Your child is completely in control but Tipster will throw out some silly tips for building. This game can keep your child laughing and playing for hours.

Using your imagination and creative skills is very important when you are younger as well as older. The more firm the foundation is for creativity the more it will thrive as your child gets older. Make sure that you are inspiring them with toys that make them think as well as laugh. Interactive toys are ones that can grow with your little one as they learn more and more. Wowwee has the interactive toy down to a science, so why not treat your child to one of their toys for Christmas?

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