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Founder Nadim Ednan-Laperouse, MD, of WOW Toys has always had a passion for toys. At the age of 25 he set up his own company, NAD Associates having graduated in Industrial Design. His direct approach soon led him to win contracts designing big brand toys for major international toy companies and with so much work suddenly coming his way, Nadim was in a position to recruit a team of talented designers.He launched WOW Toys at the 1997 London Toy Fair and though dwarfed by the international toy giants, WOW’s strong and clever designs soon caught the attention of a number of influential UK retailers. Since then WOW has expanded and grown and is now available in over 900 UK retailers and 40 countries around the world.

I was given the opportunity to review products for WOW Toys. The boys were able to choose their own toy and Andrew chose Police Chase Charlie, Ty chose Stanley Street Sweeper and Eli chose Bumpety Bump Bernie. When I told the boys they were getting a package they could not wait. They asked everyday when our package would be here. When it arrived they were so excited that you would have thought it was Christmas in the Seigler’s house. The boys have played with their toys everyday since we received them. Mom and dad love that their new toys do not require batteries. They are able to play with WOW Toys for an unlimited time and never have to worry about batteries.


WOW toys stimulate learning through creative playtime with exciting features to discover which help develop and feed young imaginations. From basic motor skills to more advanced social interactive role-play, the toys provide children with a fun way to make sense of the world around them and assist with early development. These toys are suitable for ages 18 months to 5 years of age. I would highly recommend these toys to anyone with children.

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