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I started my fitness journey close to 5 months ago, and there have been so many times when I have just wanted to give up and need some sort of inspiration or something to keep me going. I am not the only one who needs a little extra motivation and that is when I found Words to Sweat ByWords to Sweat By products are designed and manufactured in California by Whimsical Walney, which was founded by Dana Lardner. She officially launched Words to Sweat by in 2010 to help people no matter how big or how small they are to get fit and have fun and affordable motivational products. Each product has a saying on it that helps motivate you and follow through to reach your goals of being fit and healthy. Words to Sweat By sends each product in a drawstring organza bag to help create zero waste and to be used as gift giving, or to reuse for a number of things. 


Simply Southern Couponers had the chance to work with Words to Sweat By and pick out a product from their site. I picked out the Be Mindful Necklace. It is made out of aluminum and is hand stamped with the saying “Be Mindful” and is paired with a cube shaped cherry quartz bead. Not only does this necklace help me move toward my fitness goal, but it also gives me a reminder every morning to be mindful and not let the little stuff get to me. The necklace is really light weight so it doesn’t feel heavy around my neck while I am trying to work out. I recommend Words to Sweat By to anyone who needs a little extra motivation every once in a while. 

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Along with inspiration necklacesWords to Sweat By also offers motivational bracelets, workout towels, t-shirts and tanks, key chains, and fat bottomed girl necklaces

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