Whether you are searching for a holiday gift, a birthday gift or a little something just because, a book is a wonderful idea. Giving the gift of literacy from an early age is one your child can appreciate for years to come. Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of reviewing the children’s book Wookiwoo, I Love You, written by Darren Perman and Illustrated by Ruby Perman.

wookiwoo book cover

Wookiwoo, I Love You is a sweet story written and illustrated by a husband and wife team. It is about the life of a parrot named Wookiwoo. He travels from living in a pet store, to living with a boy, to life on his own in the world. Throughout the book, the theme of love is predominant. It teaches that there are many types of love such as the love of a child for his pet, a parent loving a child, a child loving a parent, and a male and female bird loving each other. In addition to providing models of these types of love, this book also portrays love as enduring over both time and distance.

Aside from the very touching story with a heartfelt theme, there are also educational aspects that can be drawn from this book. Throughout the book, days of the week are mentioned in sequential order. This is helpful for teaching both the days of the week and sequencing of events. There are problems that the child faces, which are great for discussing disappointment and problem resolution with children. In the story, Wookiwoo is always there for the boy, offering both emotional support and an idea for a solution to the problem.

At the end of the story, there is a list of interesting facts about Amazon parrots. For some children, this could be used to identify fact versus fiction in the story. In older children, these facts could be conversation starters or research topics if a child had interest in learning more about parrots.

My daughter and I read the book together several times. She loves looking at the colorful drawings which are done in a colored pencil, adding a cute touch to the book.

wookiwoo book art

She also enjoys when I talk like a parrot while reading the book. Although she is still too young to read this book on her own (she is still in the chewing on everything stage), when I hold out two books for her to choose from at story time, she will often select Wookiwoo, I Love You. I attribute this to the colorful artwork, my use of an excellent parrot imitation, and giving her lots of hugs during the “I love you” parts of the book (which there are in abundance!).

wookiwoo book read

This book would make a great gift from a parent or grandparent. It shows that no matter how much time passes or how people change in appearance, they will still love each other. What better message could you send during this holiday season? To get a preview of some of the pages and to purchase a copy of Wookiwoo, I Love You, visit the Wookiwoo website here. You can also find free printables on their website to accompany the story.

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