Simply Southern Couponers had the chance to review a product from a company called WolVol. I was sent the WolVol 10 inch Netbook Mini Laptop that has Androids latest 4.1 Operating System in the color Pink for my review. I was ecstatic to review a mini laptop since I never used one before. My favorite color is pink so this light pink colored laptop was perfect. Upon receiving my package via USPS mail within a week of my order being placed I could not wait to set my new mini laptop up. The laptop came with a wired USB mouse, power charger and also a manual on how to get started using your laptop.

I wanted to share with you one of the things I discovered was that WolVol Mini Laptop has the latest Android 4.1 operating system Mini Laptop. It has 512GB Ram and also 4GB of hardrive. It has Wifi already built in, two USB ports, one mini HDMI port, headphone/microphone jack and also a SD card slot. It is very light weight and slim only weighing about two pounds which is perfect especially if the kids are using and needs to move it around or traveling you are not carrying a heavy, bulky laptop around. It is very easy to store compared to a regular sized laptop. It did take me some getting use to when I typed because it is a much smaller version layout of the keyboard than what I am used to using.

Since I have three little boys who loves Angry Birds I knew they would be excited to find out that mommy’s new laptop already had the Angry Birds game installed. Several Apps that were also installed were Google, Gmail, Drive, Word Document (Excel and Power Point), Google Video and chat that is much like Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many more. It does have the Google Play Store installed as well so I was able to download a few more games for the boys to play. I really like that my three year old is able to play with his brothers on the games and he does not need any help. This laptop is perfect for kids of any age as well as adults. The Wolvol Mini Netbook Laptop is just a mini version of a regular laptop and you can do all the same things with this mini as you can the regular. The laptop also came installed with Netflix which is great for streaming movies, tv shows or videos and also a cute little app for the kids called ToonGoggles cartoon videos. The boys really enjoy watching those when I make them take a break from their games. I let them take this laptop to their Meemaws so they can play games and watch videos while they sleep over. It is very easy to carry for them and is very kid-friendly. We all have been enjoying our new mini laptop and I am glad I was able to review a great product like this one from WolVol. If you are looking for a laptop that is kid-friendly, light weight and easy to use I suggest WolVol Mini Laptop. 

You can see my video review on YouTube here. If you would like to purchase your very own WolVol Netbook Mini Laptop you can do so by visiting their Website. They offer many other products like the tablets, laptops and more. If you would like to order you can do so on Amazon as well. 

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