All she wishes


Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes the romantic teen comedy All She Wishes, starring Disney star Calum Worthy (Austin & Ally) and Lexi Giovagnoli (Varsity Blood), and featuring Julia Duffy and Diedrich Bader. Watch the movie trailer here.  

In All She Wishes, sardonic high school loner Sophie O’Dea (Giovagnoli) is given a beautiful but ancient car from her eccentric grandma Grace (Julia Duffy, Newhart) on her birthday.  Told that the car has magical powers that will grant her one wish, non-believing Sophie casually makes a wish for a date to an upcoming school Valentine’s Day dance.  To her surprise her wish comes true in the form of Drake (Worthy), a cute, comical actor from Los Angeles who magically appears in the trunk of her car.

Sophie and Drake are immediately at odds over every little thing, and Sophie makes numerous efforts to ditch Drake only to find that, no matter what she says or does, he continues to pop out of her car trunk. In a last resort to get rid of annoying Drake, Sophie decides that she must follow through to fulfill her wish of taking him to the “Girls Ask Guys Valentine’s Day” school dance.  However, as the big dance rapidly approaches, she starts to feel that Drake might not be so bad after all… and that she in fact might be the one who needs to have a change of heart. Realizing that she must learn to open her heart up to others, she sets out to make things right with Drake before her wish is finally fulfilled and he disappears back to the big city forever. Check out the full movie right here on iTunes.

Based on an original story by Kent Jameson and Jessica L. Anderson, All She Wishes was produced by Elizabeth Snoderly (Bloody Homecoming, Varsity Blood), Jake Helgren (Bloody Homecoming, Varsity Blood), and Charlie Vaughn (Happily Ever Spinster); and directed by Letia Clouston Miller (3 Times a Charm) from a screenplay by Jameson and Clouston Miller.

All She Wishes will be available on January 20, 2015 on Amazon, AT&T, Charter, Google Play, iTunes, Vimeo, VUDU, and Vubiquity. 

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