Wise Decor offers an inexpensive way to decorate your house. Wise Decor is located in Greensboro, NC  and each wall decal is custom made out of a high quality durable resin. Since 2003 this family owned business has been helping family liven up their home. Not only are they available for your home, but Wise Decor has also created products for universities, boutiques, schools, art galleries, museums and theater venues.


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to work with Wise Decor and I couldn’t have been happier. I took me about a day to decide what lettering/quote I wanted because I wanted for it to really mean something and not just be something I put up on my wall. My husband and I do not really have a lot of family, it is pretty much me and him and our girls, so we are instilling in them that family is everything and we will always be there for them.  After almost two days of searching for the perfect piece, I ended up going with the quote “Family… where life begins and love never ends.” in style 2 and with the colors medieval-wine and black. This was the perfect quote to put in our living room, so the girls can grow up knowing life begins with family and that love will never end. I put it above our couch and it looks perfect. Wise Decor  graciously sent me a huge lettering so my husband had to help me put it up it was really easy and simple to put it up, first you remove the backing, then you position it on the wall and use the little squeegee that was sent to make sure the lettering is sticking to the wall and them peel off the first layer and Voila! its on! These are also great since we live in a rental house because they wont  mess up the paint on the walls. Wise Decor  also sent us a lettering that says “Bon Appetit” in a very elegant script and I love it just as much, I put it in my kitchen right beside the stove. I have loved reviewing this, and Wise Decor offers so many pieces, and their prices are fantastic that everyone can enjoy their own personalized wall lettering.


If you would like to purchase your own wall decals, make sure to visit Wise Decor. They offer anything you could dream of. You can search by room, scripture, mood, language, humor, nursery, the options are truly limitless!!

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