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Inception Media Group, LLC is a media company based in Los Angeles and
specializes in the production, acquisition and distribution of motion pictures and
other filmed entertainment across all media platforms and channels of distribution.

Wiener Dog Nationals

Simply Southern Couponers was given the opportunity to work with Inception Media Group, LLC. by reviewing one of their products. We were given a DVD called Wiener Dogs Nationals.

 Wiener Dogs Nationals is about a little boy and his family who struggle with the loss of their mother. One day the  boy finds an old picture of his mother when she was little holding her Dachshund she raced and the boy knew just what he wanted for his birthday. He asked for a Dachshund just like his moms. They adopted a runt Dachshund named Shelly from a local animal shelter. Dad entered Shelley in the State trials of the illustrious Wiener Dog Nationals rave and he is shocked when she places. Shelly and the family must face the toughest opponent and reigning champion “Princess” and her owner Ms. Merrywhether and the man who stole the fathers job after he was let go. While trying to prove Ms. Merrywhether has been cheating to win, one of the judges are fired and the family must prove by relying on Shelly. When Shelly was competing in the final race she hurts her leg but another racer helps her over the finish line to win.

One Race, One Nation, One Wiener. 

I let the boys were so excited to see the short intro before we received it by mail. The little dogs in this movie look just like our little Lulu so the boys were so ecstatic to see this movie. When our package arrived the boys wanted to watch their movie right then, but had to wait until after supper so we all could watch together since this is a family movie and I could not miss it.

While we sat down and watched this movie and it really is a great movie for any child and parents. The boys watched the entire movie and wanted to watch it again. I love having movie night with the kids. Eli got upset one time because he couldn’t see LuLu (as he calls Shelly) race cause he missed it while he was talking. I have to remember he is only three and very hard to concentrate on long movies but he loved it and they all three have watched it everyday since it has arrived. They went to their MeeMaws and shared with her about their new favorite movie. As a parent we kinda know how the movie will end but the boys loved to see the dogs racing and playing. If you are looking for a great movie for your family to enjoy our family recommends watching Wiener Dog Nationals. 

Our family gives this movie a five starTo see more about Inception Media Group, LLC you can visit their Website

You can stay up to date with the latest on product releases and information by following them on on Facebook. You can also follow Wiener Dog Nationals on Facebook as well.

The Wiener Dog Nationals is available for purchase of $24.99 on Amazon starting July 2nd but you can order now and receive free shipping.



Simply Southern Couponers will be giving one lucky viewer their very own copy of Wiener Dog Nationals DVD. Giveaway is scheduled to start July 12th. 


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