If you are a coffee lover, I have the perfect brewer for you. So many people around the world can’t fully start their day without a cup or two of their favorite coffee. Whether you like your coffee black, cream and sugar, or served over ice, this Ninja Coffee Brewer Maker does it all. Select 1 of 4 different sizes of brews to create the right amount of coffee for you.

Ninja Coffee Brewer

My husband prefers his coffee black and with a little sprinkle of cinnamon on top. I prefer iced or with a lot of cream and sugar. When I got this Ninja Coffee Brewer Maker, I was in love instantly. After researching it a little I learned about how amazing this brewer is. Instead of a classic brewer, it fills with water to a precise temperature for the perfect flavor and lets the coffee grounds soak before it fills your cup. By doing this it takes away that bitter flavor you sometimes get from a classic brewer maker. Classic pot brewers just run the water directly down and it pushes the grounds to the sides, and it can leave you with a bitter flavor. This technique that Ninja uses gives your coffee that rich and smooth taste that any coffee lover desires. 

Coffee Brewer No Pods Needed – 4 Sizes Of Brews Available 

Ninja Coffee Brewer Maker

Another amazing thing about this coffee maker that sets itself apart is you can select from 4 different brew sizes. You can do a single cup, half a Carafe, or full Carafe, and an iced coffee setting. That way if you want to serve up a lot of coffee you have the option for a full brew. Or maybe you want a cup before bed, brew a single cup, and don’t waste a pot. This makes brewing coffee a huge win in our home. If I want iced, I simply select and put in the right amount of grounds and ice in my cup, and I am set. Then my husband can turn around and brew a rich cup of coffee right after. You can even choose the strength you want your cup to be, a regular or stronger brew.

Make Smooth and Rich Coffee Just Like a Coffee Shop At Home 

Ninja Brewer Maker

I highly recommend this coffee maker for anyone who has a love for coffee. You get that smooth and rich coffee shop taste, right at home for such a small price tag! With the holidays right around the corner, this will make a wonderful gift for any coffee lover.

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