Fall is a special time of the year when your wardrobe from other seasons can be used. Mixing together your favorite pieces from winter, spring, and summer gives you quite a few more options than you would normally have, but it isn’t always fun wearing the same old same old. You need to have some new pieces in your closet to make everything feel new and exciting again.

Instead of going out and purchasing a whole new wardrobe for autumn, pick up a few of these items and see the difference it will make when you mix and match:

  1. Sleek HandBags

A good bag can be hard to come by, but it can really pull together an outfit in the fall. Go for a sleek black or brown for an everyday look or try a burgundy or burnt sienna for a more fashion forward approach. It’s fall, so the totes and the cross-bodies should be put away – look for handbags instead. If you just want to update your current bag, try wrapping the handles with a scarf!

  1. Riding/High Shafted BootsImage Via Flickr User Victoria Timokhina

When you start seeing women wearing boots, you really know that the season is starting. Boots are comfortable and chic, which is really the winning combination when it comes to your wardrobe. They can be worn with almost anything too! They don’t only look great under a pair of rugged bootcut jeans, or over your favorite pair of skinny jeans, but they match well with everything else from tights and leggings to skirts and dresses. They’re a staple for every fall outfit.

  1. Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses are a favorite in the summer and spring, but that doesn’t mean you have to put them away. Fall is a time for layering, and a sheath dress is a great way to regulate your temperature all day long. Simply layer them with a sweater for the colder mornings, but then you can take it off and still look perfectly put together. For a more fun and formal look, pair them with the next item on the list…

  1. Trendy BlazersImage via - ...love Maegan

Blazers have become increasingly popular for womenswear in the last few years. They add great structure to your outfit and can increase the time you can wear summer or spring shirts. Go for a classic color if you want to wear it with a lot of different items, or try something funky like a great houndstooth for a statement piece. A word to the wise – if you are going to wear a blazer, make sure that you get it tailored to your body!

  1. Stacked Heel Shoes

Stilettos have their place and flats are fun, but when you want a little height and you’re on your feet all day, stacked heels can be your lifesaver. Typically a chunky, closed-toe shoe, a stacked heel shoe completes your outfit whether you are going shopping or to the office. Almost every major line is showing heels of varying heights and thicknesses, so you will have your pick of the crop! Pair them with great slim cut pants or tights for the best look.

  1. Cashmere

Cashmere is a luxury item for many people, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have hints of it or a really good dupe for the real thing. If you want, spending a little more on a great sweater or scarf will ensure that you will have the piece for a long time. Cashmere is also a good way to add texture to outfits in a season when you won’t see too much. For a fun look, mix and match cashmere with #8 on the list….

  1. Elegant Watches

Jewelry really doesn’t have a season, for the most part. However, in the age of smartphones and computers, we have all but lost the simple elegance that comes with a great watch. Bring them back this fall by finding a leather or metal watch that is simple enough to become a daily wear, but still interesting enough that it will never look out of place. Layer them with bangles to really bring the look together.

  1. Classic Leather Jacketimage via - fervent-adepte-de-la-mode

Leather jackets have long belonged to bikers and bad boys, but it is time to reclaim them for yourself and create a great outfit with just a touch of edge to it. Leather jackets are a great way to bring sun dresses and other light shirts into the new season. They are also great for fall because they aren’t too heavy, but they also aren’t too light. Pair them with a great pair of boots for a put together look that will always be fashionable.

  1. Denim Shirts

For well over a decade, denim shirts were definitely not in style. However, we have now reclaimed them as a fashionable item. Get a denim shirt that is a little lighter than the jeans you hope to wear them with, and dress your look up with some accessories to make a comfortable but still fun outfit.

  1. Fall Shorts

Your shorts go away when the nights turn chilly, right? WRONG! Shorts are very easy to transition to fall, if you have the right options. Instead of going for your denim shorts, go for the cotton ones that you can dress up a little bit more. Put some sweater tights under them and a great chunky sweater for a look that is comfortable and still fun.

Guest Author:

Jennifer Monahan is a freelance writer and a  mom of 2 fantastic kids out of Jackson Hole Wyoming. When she’s not working around the house, riding her horse or cleaning up after her husband, she likes to keep up and write about the newest fashion trends. You can follow her on twitter @Jenmonahan76


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