Detox and loosing weight related conceptsDetox or Detoxification, is the way of removing toxic substances from one’s body. Diets that claim to attain a whole detox in just days have been around for many years, and several strategies exist. While not scientifically proven to clear out any toxins from the skin, many people claim feeling a lot more focused and energetic during as well as after detox diets, most likely due to avoiding processed foods.

Basically, detoxification means cleaning the blood. This can be done by removing impurities on the blood in the liver, to where toxins are processed for eradication. The body also eliminates toxins over the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph ans also skin. However, when this technique is jeopardized, impurities aren’t effectively filtered and every cell inside the body is adversely affected.

Detox diets vary widely and can last for merely four days to as long as 30 days. Many involve some version of liquid diet – giving up solid food a couple of days and then gradually reintroducing selected foods such as organic fresh fruits and veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains and vitamin and mineral supplements. Crimson meat, wheat, sugar, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol are commonly avoided.

Some detox programs involve replacing one or two meals with a high health proteins, vitamin-rich shake. Most include detoxification “boosters” as herbal laxatives and diuretics, probiotics (to replace healthy bacteria in the gut), antioxidants and nutrients.

The fact remains that there’s no good evidence that following a detox diet will rid one’s body of these chemicals. Medical experts believe the healthy body of a human is well equipped to handle toxins. Our skin, lungs, kidneys, hardworking liver, and gastrointestinal tract are effective at removing or neutralizing deadly substances within hours of consumption.

If you are considering some sort of detox diet – even to break unhealthy eating habits – there are few things to learn. For beginners, detox diet programs are not recommended for those who have diabetes, low blood sugar, feeding on disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, lowered protection, kidney disease or liver sickness. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and growing teenagers also must not follow a detox diet.

A detoxification program will assist the body’s natural cleansing practice by:

1. Resting the organs through fasting;
2. Stimulating the liver to operate a vehicle toxins from the body;
3. Promoting elimination over the intestines, skin and kidneys;
4. Improving circulation of the blood; and
5. Refueling the human body with healthy nutrients.

Are you interested in trying some detox recipes? Check them out here.

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