WaveWear Company started as a small idea which turned into something huge. They wanted something cute that their friends and family would wear and recommend to others because they truly loved it, not just because it was something a family member had made. A portion of every sale goes to different charities and organizations.


Simply Southern Couponers has had the wonderful opportunity to work with WaveWear. I received the Maui Flip Flops in Brown and the Butterfly Silver attachment and a pair of matching disc with the letter M on them. Living in the south, I pretty much wear flip flops all year and it is so hard to find a pair of flip flops I like and when I do they are in an ugly color or they are boring. With the Lollz flip flops that changes everything. The flip flops themselves are very comfy and they have a slight arch to help support your foot (I have never seen a pair of flip flops that does this and it is so nice). They are very well made and have a heat resistant EVA outersole. It is very easy to change the attachments. All you have to do is pull them off and snap a new pair on, it takes about 10 seconds and you basically have a brand new pair of flip flops. Not only do they have the butterfly attachments, they also have flowers ($3 to $3.50) and bows ($3). They can also put your logo on a snap-on disc which makes the possibilities endless.


If you would like to purchase your own pair of Flip Flops, visit Wavewear here. They are only $14.90 and trust me, they are well worth it. They also come with an attachment already!! You can buy plain flip flops (without the place to attach the disc) for only $13.90. You can also get the kiddos a pair! They also sell Yoga Pants for extremely great prices.

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