Warm Tradition

WarmTradition is the largest online hot water bottle specialty site in the United States.
Founded in Brooklyn, New York, by Harry Shpelfogel and Sally Goodgold, WarmTradition was quickly born, offering the most eco-friendly thermoplastic BPA free hot water bottles manufactured under strict conditions in Germany. With over 100 styles to choose for every cozy hot water bottle cover you can think of, from fleece to velour to flannel and more in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures for men, women, children, babies and even pets.


Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review a product from Warm Tradition. I received The Lamb Hot Water Bottle and could not wait to use it. It can hold up to a 1 liter thermoplastic hot water bottle. My hubby thinks I am crazy sometimes when I tell him I am cold and the temperature in the house is 71 or 72 but since I received The Lamb Hot Water Bottle it definitely comes in handy now. I can’t wait till we go camping to bring my new “Little Lamb” buddy along to help keep me warm. It is the perfect size and stays warm for hours. Not only is this perfect for children but adults to. It does not leak, will not crack and there is over 100 styles to choose from. Great for stomach aches, cramps & muscle aches. Do you find yourself having cramps these is a great aid to help.

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Simply Southern Couponers is excited that Warm Tradition is giving one lucky viewer a chance to win a Warm Tradition “The Lamb Hot Water Bottle”.

Giveaway is scheduled to start March 31, 2013!

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