Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of working with WallMonkeys on a review of their on demand wall graphics. WallMonkeys started out as a small company focused on providing customers with photos of their own children engaging in sports activities. Rather than having famous athletes adorn their walls, children were able to have their own photos plastered up like super stars. The company grew and developed a wide range of other graphics for children’s room decoration as well as wall graphics for companies. Although they have expanded, they have maintained their commitment that every purchase from WallMonkeys is printed in the USA.


The most difficult part of this review was actually choosing which graphics would best suit my daughter’s bedroom. It has a whimsical princess and fairy theme which is centered around a large piece of artwork my sister created. Therefore, I wanted to find just the right touch of whimsy without overshadowing the canvas painting. To give you an idea of how extensive WallMonkey’s collection of on demand graphics is, when I performed a search for “princess” it returned 21,768 images. A search for “fairy” returned 60,871 results. With options like these, there is sure to be something that appeals to you and your children!

kids walls

I actually ended up asking my sister for assistance selecting some graphics that would complement her artwork. We ended up deciding on the Princess Set. It is an animated set of separate images that could be placed in various locations throughout the room. Since we already had one large image in the room, we thought decorating the rest of the room with smaller images of princesses and such would be the perfect touch.

princess set

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The image or images arrived on a rolled white backing and were exactly as pictured on the website. It was very easy to peel them off and I started placing items immediately out of the package. There is no prep work required (unless your walls are dirty, then you should really clean them first).

WallMonkeys sheet

Our walls have a slight texture, so I was concerned the decals would not stick very well. This was not an issue at all. The only time something fell off was when I had gently placed it on the wall (not pressing firmly) while deciding if I liked it there. I did find that the items felt stuck more firmly to the door (which is much more smooth in texture), but the overall performance between the two has been identical thus far.

WallMonkey Princess castle

Halfway through decorating the bedroom, my husband walked by and stopped in his tracks looking in through the door. He was concerned that I was putting stickers all over the walls. First of all, I explained, I am not three years old. Second, I had him come in and take a look at the wall decals. I demonstrated that they were easily peeled off and left zero residue on the walls. I was even able to stick them back on as well as the first time they were peeled from the paper. He then breathed a sigh of relief and went back to whatever he was doing. I rolled my eyes and continued creating an enchanting princess fairy scene.

WallMonkeys princess frog

I did not realize how blank the walls seemed in the bedroom until they were decorated. We had a large piece of artwork and I thought it was really all that was needed in the room. I am so glad I had the opportunity to try WallMonkeys because it allowed me to enhance my little girl’s room with cute, princess themed décor.

WallMonkeys princess wall

To view the huge selection of on demand wall graphics or to print your own custom image, visit WallMonkeys here.

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