Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of reviewing a Go! Go! Smart Animals Playset and Animals by VTech. Vtech has been creating products for children since 1980 which are great quality as well as fun and educational. They currently have a variety of products to engage and provide entertaining learning experiences for kids from 0-6 months up to 8-9 years and beyond.

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The VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Playsets are designed for children ages 1-5 years old. From the Zoo Explorers Playset to the Forest Adventure Playset, children can learn about colors, letters, animals, and sounds through interacting with these toys. Each playset comes with an animal, a themed set, and a few pieces of track. All of the sets can be connected together via the tracks and there is an additional track set that can be purchased separately to extend the play. Additional animals can also be purchased for even more learning fun!

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The Animals

Each animal is a different color, has a different voice, and has programed phrases, sounds, and songs which are specific to that animal. On top of each animal’s head is a button which activates the animal and lights up when the animal is speaking, singing, or making other noises. The button is very easy to push, even for little hands. The animals each have speakers to produce the sounds they make through their backs.

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After about 60 seconds of inactivity, the animals will shut off but can be easily reactivated by pressing the button on the head or by rolling them over a SmartPoint™ location. When our box first arrived, we heard roaring and singing coming from inside as the animals were jostled around. While this was very exciting when receiving a package, it made me concerned that the toys might randomly start making noise during a nap or in the middle of the night if other toys shift or move around and activate them. Fortunately, there is a very small on/off switch on the bottom of each animal so that even when the button is pressed, the animal will not activate.

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The Playset

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Forest Adventure Playset is composed of a central forest piece, two pieces of track, and Blake the Bear. Aside from the track, the Forest Playset has four features that children can manipulate including spinning the butterfly on top of the cave, moving the squirrel up and down the tree, opening and closing the gate, and turning a gear. The central piece has a circular track where the animals can be pushed around by turning a this gear which is off to the side. All of these tasks can help children with their fine motor skills, although some require more dexterity than others.

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The Track

Each of the track pieces in the Forest Adventure Playset contains a SmartPoint™ location. These locations make the animals say special phrases unique to that location when they roll over them. For example, when the bear rolls over the SmartPoint™ location in the cave he says, “I’ll hide here!” the zebra says, “What’s in here?” and the lion says, “I’ll take a nap here!” This makes for a fun play experience because the animals actually respond to actions that a child makes with them. This feature is one that really makes this playset unique from many others.

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We found the VTech Go! Go! Smart Animals Forest Adventure Playset to be quite entertaining. My daughter loved pushing the buttons on top of the animals’ heads to hear them talk and sing. After a demonstration of me turning the gear to move the animals, she was able to attempt it. However, she does not quite have the coordination to move it around in a full circle just yet. I think this is a toy that she will be able to enjoy for several years as she moves from playing with the animals on their own, to manipulating them in the environment, to engaging in pretend play and creating stories and adventures for the animals. I can already tell that we are not only going to need more animals (like the monkey and elephant) but we would also love to get the Tree House Hideaway where animals ride up to the top in a basket and roll down the slide!

To see all the playsets and other great toys from VTech, Go! Go! visit their website here.

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom did receive a free product and information in exchange for our honest opinion. All opinions expressed above are 100% are own and may differ from those of your own.

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