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I was so excited when I was invited to try Victoria Jackson® Cosmetic products. Being a mom for me means that I don’t wear makeup or dress  up like I used to, but when I do get to dress up and wear makeup then I want to look my best. As I get older certain makeups do not appeal to me like they used to. I don’t want to wear a product that I have to reapply after a few hours, or look like it is caked on my face. I have came across several products that I was extremely impressed with and Victoria Jackson® Cosmetics is one of them. 

When you look better, you feel better. And when you feel better, you can change your life!

There is no reason to hide behind makeup to cover up those dark circles. You can easily amp up your eyes with just a few strokes of mascara, a dot of foundation here, get a little cheeky with a sweep of blush, add a stroke of lip gloss to complete the look. I received Foundation Duo, Bronzing Powder, Lush Mascara and Blush. 


The Foundation Duo is the “No Makeup” Makeup. Its Duo compact has two different shades to match your complexion. The oil-free, full coverage foundation can be used with out clogging your pores. The compact has two compartments; one holding the foundation and the other holding your sponge, so that your sponge is not always in contact with your foundation. The Duo Foundation is great to blend in to match your skin on your face and neck area.I always love to find a product that is oil-free to avoid clogging my pores. The Foundation Duo is available in Light Duo, Medium Duo, Tan Duo and Dark Duo for a retail price of $29.95.


If you love the tanned look but don’t want to expose your skin to those harmful rays or tanning beds then you will love Here Comes The Sun Bronzing Powder. It has a flawless, matte finish that is made with a sheer formula. The universal color easily adapts to all skin tones so you never have to worry about the orange colored skin. As an added bonus this bronzing powder helps soften and hydrate your skin using Vitamins C & E to condition your skin. The Here Comes The Sun Bronzing Powder is available for a retail price of $22.95


Who doesn’t love a touch of blush to add some color to those cheeks? The Perfect Everyday Blush is all you need to effortlessly have naturally flushed cheek. It wears light and the color is amazing and blends well with the foundation. This everyday blush is made with Vitamins A, C & E to help protect your skin from radical damage while giving you a long wearing finish. The Perfect Everyday Blush is available in Sparkling Rose and Garden shades for a retail price of $20.95.


One of my favorite products that is a must to have is mascara. It just helps bring out my eyes even more. The Lush Mascara not only lengthens but also adds a thickening to make your eyes pop. Most importantly your eyes are your focal point of your face. Victoria’s Lush Mascara helps strengthen while preventing your lashes from becoming dry and brittle. I love this mascara because it is easy to apply, doesn’t clump my eye lashes together and makes my lashes look and feel longer. The Lush Mascara is available for a retail price of $18.95


I do not just have one favorite out of these products because I love them all. They wear great, last long and I do not find myself having to check the mirror to see if I need a touch up. The Bronzing Powder helps add just the right amount of color to help match my skin tone. I also love being able to add a lighter foundation under my eyes for dark circles. If you are looking for a great makeup product that last and does what it says then I highly recommend Victoria Jackson® Cosmetics. They believe its all about letting your natural beauty shine through.

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