Via Cacao loves to match fashion with a twist! Via Cacao began when a mother started searching for a way to combine her passions for composition, photography and cultural fusion (between her and her husband, they bring an eclectic mixture of Venezuelan, Italian, and German backgrounds) into designs of individual boy and girl pieces. Her mother would always dress her and her sister alike, in turn helping them to make a connection with their own fashion sense. Vanessa Michelangeli, founder of Via Cacao, pulled different resources of inspiration that has led to hr own form of tailored hair bows made out of designer fabrics.


Simply Southern Couponers has had the wonderful opportunity to work with Via Cacao. Kaylee and Aubreigh love to wear hair bows, and a girl can never have to many! We received the Brown and Green Floral Carousel Clip Set, Pink Classic Chic Bow Clip, Navy & Green Button Clip Set, and Ivory Pastel Petite Retro Bow Clip. I love hair bows, so I eventually learned how to make them, but I was never able to make them out of fabric.


I was immediately impressed with the wrapping, what girl doesn’t love pink!! The hair bows are very well made and I can tell there was a lot of effort put in to each one. One thing I love about these bows is their unique design. Most bows down in the south are made out of ribbons, and ribbon can’t be designed as pretty as fabric can be. They are very eclectic and give a new twist to any outfit!


The first bow Kaylee went for was the Pink Classic Chic Bow Clip. She has just got enough hair now where she can keep bows in her hair. When she was born she had a little peach fuzz on her head, that all fell off when she was about 4 weeks old.


The second bow Kaylee picked out to wear was the Navy & Green Button Clip Set. I had just the perfect outfit for her to wear with them. She liked this set the most!


Aubreigh picked out the Ivory Pastel Petite Retro Bow Clip to wear first. She loves looking and feeling like a princess and with her new bow she said she felt like cinderella. I love anything that will put a huge smile on my little girl’s face!


Both of the girls loved the Green Floral Carousel Clip Set. They like to have something similar on everyday, but do not want to be matching. With these bows they get to have something the same, but different at the same time.

If you have girls of any age, I recommend Via Cacao for all your bow needs!

Check out all of the bows Via Cacao has here.

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