Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to work with Heated Mouse. Heated Mouse is a company that is an authorized re-seller of ValueRays USB Infrared Heat Hand Warmers. The Heated Hand Warmers were designed to keep cold, achey hands warm by using a infrared heat in a computer mouse with a USB port to the computer.
I recently got the boys their own computer so they could play their games on and after about a month the mouse that came with their computer wires that started to come a loose. I needed to get them a new mouse as they do not like using the finger pad and is much easier for my three year old to use. I came across Heated Mouse on Amazon and thought I would check out their website. I have never heard of a mouse that uses heat. The more I read the more interested in this mouse I became. The heated mouse helps relieve stress and tension, arthritis, carpal tunnel and much more. With winter just a few months away this product would be perfect to have. I frequently get cold when sitting for a while and working on the computer so I knew I needed to have this.


I received the heated mouse in grey. I plugged it into the boys computer and gave it a try. I turned the heat on low and it immediately started heating. It was not to hot as the temperature heats between 99-104 degrees but done exactly what it was designed to do. I have actually been using the heated mouse on my laptop for about a week now and I turn it on low and go to work. I am really enjoying this product and can not wait for colder weather to come so I can turn up the heat to my new heated mouse while working.


If you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome  frequent cold chills while working on your computer or have a job where you use the computer most of the day I highly recommend getting a heated mouse.

To see more of Heated Mouse’s products head over to their website.

Also check them out on Amazon by clicking on the link here: → ValueRays® Heated Mouse, Warm Mouse, Warm Computer Mouse, Heated Computer Mouse, Ergonomic Warm Mouse, Optical Heated Mouse, USB Hand Warmer Mouse, Assistive Technology, USB Optical Mouse, Computer Mouse, Infrared Heat


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