Planning a quite evening with your spouse or significant other can sometimes be difficult especially when you have children. Most of you know that Greg and I have three small boys under the age of 8 and that means we have less times alone. Thankfully this past weekend was a little different. Being Valentine’s Day we knew we wouldn’t be alone of “Valentine’s Day” because the kids would be back home from their Memas overnight. We decided to celebrate our date night early. We made a decision a long time ago not to buy for one another and just spend that on the kids. I am not a big “buy me flowers” kind of gal just because I know having a family means finding ways to save money where we can and buying me $40-$60 flowers that will last a week (maybe) just seems like a waste to me, especially when we could use that money to buy all the kids their Valentine’s and possibly have money left over.


Since we were doing things a bit different this year we were given the chance to spend our evening enjoying dinner and a movie right here in the comfort of our home. Being apart of Fox Insiders Media team I was able to receive The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks on Blu-Ray along with a e-gift certificate to Pizza Hut, two wine glasses, a candle and blanket in part of celebrating the Best of Me “Date Night”. This was an opportunity that I knew both Greg and I would both love because we would rather stay at home any day to watch a movie and enjoy dinner instead of dining out and spending that money at the movie theater. We ordered a Pizza Hut Special that for dinner that included a Large Pizza, Wings, Breadsticks, a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake and 2 liter Drink. Of course I had to break in our new wine glasses that I absolutely love with a nice bottle of wine. As you can see we decided to relax and have our date night in our living room.


My thoughts on the movie: I told Greg before we watched this movie I thought it was considered a “chick flick” as I am sure most men relate to romance movies as. This movie is based on the #1 New York Times Best Seller from celebrated author Nicholas Sparks, who is an amazing author,  comes this romantic drama about the timeless power of love. When we began watching this story unfold between Dawson and Amanda who were high school sweethearts they encountered a lot of ups and downs. Between her family and his but they overcame it. In the end I was really hoping that Dawson and Amanda end up together but they do not physically but in a way that is even better. I was glad to watch the special feature “Tears of Joy” with the new storyline and alternate ending because my first ending was “Tears of Sadness”. Overall this movie is one of the best romance movies I have seen in a while with a great story line of two young people who are brought back together by a funeral of loosing a friend/mentor to the both of them when they were younger. The Best of Me is a powerfully romantic story of love, hope and second chances.

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