Utensil Wipes are an all natural wipe to safely clean utensils. They were founded when a trip to India caused one of the founders to be sick for two days because he didn’t have clean water for drinking and cleaning dished. The guys at Utensil Wipes  developed a wipe that would help minimize bacteria and clean products that come into contact with your mouth. The Utensil Wipes  are non-toxic and once the item is dried it is safe to use near your mouth. Most products like this on the market has alcohol as the active ingredient, Utensil Wipes  active ingredient is food grade lemongrass oil.


Simply Southern Couponers received 3 packs of Utensil Wipes Utensil Wipes to review and try out. Each pack comes with 10 wipes. These really came in handy this weekend. My husband decided to grill out this past weekend and usually he runs in and out to wash utensils off or clean a plate and each time he does that he tracks dirt in and around the house. I gave him a pack of these to keep outside and he fell in love with them. You take the wipe and wipe the surface for 10-15 seconds, the it dry and its ready to go. The wipes have a very clean and lemony scent.


Aubreigh also had a little cold this weekend and no matter when I did I couldn’t keep her fever down. Every 30 minutes I was checking her temperature and thermometers are so picky to clean and if you wash them with cold water then it affects the result of the next temperature reading. I used the wipes after every reading to keep them sanitized and not affect her reading. It was a lot easier than washing it carefully every time. I also shared a pack with Aubreigh’s teacher at school and she said these wipes are perfect for school, a lot of the time kids will drop their drinks or silverware and usually the teacher has to run to the kitchen area and clean them, and with these it made lunch time go a lot easier and smoother.

The Utensil Wipes are perfect for Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Childcare Providers, and Teachers. If you would like to purchase your own you can head over here and purchase a 12 pack bundle for only $36! In 2014 Utensil Wipes will introduce their new product, Pacifier Wipes that cleans everything baby with none of the harsh chemicals!

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