I love Headbands, but I never purchase them. Either they start to hurt in a short amount of time of wearing, or worse it won’t stay put. I have very fine hair and headbands just seems to slide right off. It’s total frustration. Well, that is all in the past! I have just been introduced to Urban Halo.


Life of a Southern Mom had the pleasure of working with Urban Halo to review their Urban Halo headband. Urban Halo was create by designer, Jen, who believe accessories should be functional and stylish. She was on the hunt for the perfect headband that would fight her life and be functional at the same time. Unable to locate such a headband, she sat down at her sewing machine, and the first Urban Halo was born. Urban Halo’s are performance headbands that are hand made in the USA. Urban Halo offers are large variety of colors and prints in their one of a kind stay put, headache-free headbands.


The Urban Halo headband is fantastic. It is super soft, stays in place and doesn’t cause headaches. There are so many different colors and patterns you can match with almost any outfit. The Urban Halo is available for purchase at www.urbanhalo.com and retail for $15.

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