Hi everyone, I am sure most of you are following along on my weight loss journey. You must be wondering why you haven’t seen me update these past few weeks. Well, my mom and step-dad came into town earlier than originated so it kind of threw my planning in a loop. While they were here of course I stayed in the kitchen cooking and being taken out to dinner, of course I wont turn down a chance to eat out with my mom, who I haven’t seen in two years. So I put my Nutrisystem on hold while they were here. The week after they left my husband and I had to make a tough decision in regards to our big baby “JD” who was our 12 year old Chocolate Lab. I scheduled to have him put to sleep on a Friday but my husband just wasn’t ready since he had a good day before we both thought that maybe he knew what was going on and wanted to show us he just wasn’t ready to give up his battle just yet. (I am writing a post about JD be on the lookout to read his story). Well over the weekend he seem to be doing okay so we made the final decision that we would schedule his appointment for the following Friday. Since my nerves have been shot and stress beyond the max I put off my diet for two more weeks. I didn’t have an appetite and went to just eating light during the day and dinner at night. (I know not healthy) Well, on top of everything we have going on my MIL found out she has Medullary Thyroid Cancer and will be having surgery soon. She has been cancer free for a little over two years after being diagnosed with Colon Cancer back in 2011. So I am sure you all can understand the amount of stress my husband and I have been facing over the last few weeks. I keep reminding myself of a few things: 1. JD is now pain free and is in a better place. (Even though we weren’t ready we knew it was time) and 2. God never gives us more than we can handle. 3. Pray extra hard for your loved ones.

Please be on the lookout for more updates of my #NSNation journey in the weeks to come. 

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