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Do you ever get tired of untangling your necklaces or  trying to find the other matching earring? That’s me!! I have many pieces of jewelry that have been stuck in a drawer because I do not have a jewelry box to put them in.  I have been telling Greg that I wanted one of those jewelry armories because I am tired of digging through all of my jewelry just to find one necklace, ring, pendant or earrings. I came across this website called Untangle My Chains. Untangle My Chains was founded by three women who came together to create a product to help reduce tangled necklaces, help get your jewelry organized and also to help let your sparkle out. They created a product called the Roxsee Jewelry Hanger that holds 400 earrings, has 16 hooks to hold your necklaces, bracelets and five posts to hold your rings. The Roxsee Jewelry hanger is convenient and a space saver as it can hang on the door, closet or even a wall mount. The adjustable hanger easily rotates to give you easy access to either side. Not only can the Roxsee Jewelry Hanger be used to store your jewelry but can be used for hair bows, scarves, belts and so much more.

untangle 4(Before I received Roxsee Jewelry Hanger)untangle(Roxsee Jewelry Hanger before)

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Since we have moved into our lake home while  waiting for our home to be repaired from a recent flood, I’ve had to store my jewelry in ziploc bags, jewelry boxes that I had from receiving my jewelry and all that has been placed in my Thirty One Utility Tote on the floor. It takes extra time to go through just to find one ring or a pair of earrings I want to wear that I could not wait to receive my Roxsee Jewelry Hanger. After receiving the Roxsee Jewelry Hanger I began laying out my jewelry so I could see what all I had. It took me a while because I had to untangle my necklaces, find the other match to earrings, put my pendants on the necklaces that I thought I was never going to get done. It was definitely worth the time I spent placing each piece because I forgot how much jewelry I had since it was either placed in my dresser drawer at home or in bags since we been here. I still have pendants I have not placed on my Roxsee Jewelry Hanger because I am not sure how to place them, but for now I have a jewelry bag that has them in it and I have it hanging on the side hook on my hanger. I don’t think I will ever get 400 pairs of earrings but I will definitely keep trying to fill my Roxsee Jewelry Hanger since I have lots of room left and I can actually see all my pieces. No more digging and trying to find the other match to an earring or untangle the knots in my necklaces. Now I can just remove it from the hook and put it on and go. If you are like me and have jewelry scattered or have trouble finding a piece I recommend getting one of these amazing hangers for yourself. Roxsee Jewelry Hangers are great for small spaces, dorm rooms, closets, or if you are a jewelry maker or seller you can easily display your pieces and save space for other things. The options are endless. This would make a great gift to give young teenagers, adults, friends, or co workers and they offer it in two different colors; black or pink.

roxsee pink(Photo Credit: Untangle My Chains)

To see more about Untangle My Chains visit their Website here.

You can purchase a Roxsee Jewelry Hanger in black or  pink for one low price of  $15.99.

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