Simply Southern Couponers was given the opportunity to review products from a company called UmCheeky. UmCheeky (Unmentionably Cheeky) is a company that was founded by husband and wife Richard and Melody who are residents of Manhattan. Melody the fashion executive and Richard the lawyer turned entrepreneur wanted to create a fashionable, fun, flirty intimate apparel for women. They provide a monthly subscription service of receiving three pair of panties for one low monthly cost of just $8.


I received three pair of UmCheeky panties; one pink thong, one black lace bikini, and one black and purple lace bikini. I have the hardest time finding panties to fit comfortably. When I tried on UmCheeky’s panties I love the way they felt on. They did not move or ride up as some bikini’s. These panties are made of great quality material even for the bigger body frame. For just one low price of $8 for three pair of panties this is amazing. No more heading to the store, waiting in lines, wasting gas traveling when you can simply order from the convenience of your home using your computer in just a few minutes. Today you can barely buy one pair of panties from the store for $8 but with UmCheeky you receive three pairs for $8. That’s a hard deal to pass up. 

umcheeky 1

Christmas is a few months away UmCheeky would be a perfect gift to give. UmCheeky offers free shipping to US and Canadian residents and offers Worldwide residents shipping for just $5. Signing up is easy. Simply pick your size and check out. You will be sent three panties that are carefully selected in the three categories fun, flirty and feminine.

To see more about UmCheeky visit their website here. Sign up for your first subscription by clicking the image above. 

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