Ugly Christmas Sweater



Before you know it Christmas will be here, and so will all of the Christmas Parties. If you have any Christmas Parties to go to then you have to check out Ugly Christmas Sweaters offers funny holiday sweaters that range from more traditional to the “cheap” and schlocky Christmas sweaters. They may be ugly but when you’re looking for a sweater to wear to the office Ugly Christmas Sweater party, then Ugly Christmas Sweaters is where you need to go.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Simply Southern Couponers has had the chance to work with They sent me the Red Filthy Animal Sweater, which has a quote from the movie Home Alone on it. When I got this sweater in the mail, I was very surprised to see how very well made it was. It’s also very soft and comfortable. Pulling it out Kaylee looked at me confused and said “but Mommy, it’s not Christmas”. We are having an Ugly Christmas Sweater party this year, and while everyone will be out looking for something tacky I know I will have them beat! I also can’t wait to wear this shirt to Walmart and out shopping this Christmas, it’s defiantly a head-turner!

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Want to order your own Ugly Christmas Sweater? They make one for everyone! To check them out and order your own, visit them here.

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