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Tropical Traditions LogoTropical Traditions was founded by Brian and Marianita Shilhavy. In 1998 they returned to the Philippines with their three small children, with the coconut industry severely depressed due to the US against tropical oils, coconut farms could no longer generate an income from harvesting coconuts which was what the family moved into, Marianita’s old family farmhouse. The couple became intrigued when the older farming generation was still very active and farming and their only dietary oil was coconut oil. So in 2000 they started making it their selves and put the products on the internet with a huge demand. Tropical Traditions is constantly adding more products for its customers as they move forward and find people producing products that meet the high standards of Tropical Traditions

Coconut Oil.Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to work with Tropical Traditions. I received the 32 oz glass jar of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil. I have to admit… I had no idea what to do with Coconut Oil, so I went to pinterest. My step daughter was over and had a stuffy nose, she put some around her nostrils and within a few minutes her nose had started clearing up. I have dry skin and have been putting the Coconut Oil over my elbows every day and with just a few days they are already smooth. I also put it on my cracked heels and everyday they are feeling softer and softer. I wear eye makeup almost everyday (eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow) I usually forget about taking it off or don’t want to deal with taking it off so I will wake up looking like a raccoon. Well a few wipes with coconut oil and its gone! My next test was in the kitchen, I wondered how can something that I can use as lotion be used in the kitchen. I cooked a stir fry and the Coconut Oil has a very high smoke point so it didn’t burn my food and gave my dish a slightly sweet taste which made it taste awesome.  I was amazed by how many uses there are for Coconut Oil

Tropical Traditions

I recommend this to everyone, it should be a required staple item in every home!

To purchase your own jar of coconut oil,or to see the other products from Tropical Traditions, visit them here.

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