Happy Halloween! While Trick or Treating is a must do activity for most families, if you have a little one with you, it might turn out to be far more tricky than treat-y. Of course it is possible and can even be fun, as long as you remember that this can be a very overwhelming holiday for babies! Here are a few trick or treat tips to help your Halloween!

trick or treat tips

Tip: Don’t scare your baby

This may seem obvious and you probably won’t be trying to jump out and yell “Boo!” to intentionally frighten the little pumpkin. However, there are lots of things that can be scary to babies that you may not even realize. Wigs, glasses, masks, facepaint, or anything else that alters your appearance may be alarming to a baby. S/he is still trying to figure the world out and when you look different, it can be frightening. If you are going to change how you look, do it gradually. Let baby play with the mask (if it’s safe), put it on and take it off. Don’t just show up looking totally different!

Tip: Go early

There are so many reasons for this. While it is a special occasion and staying up a little late might be warranted, you probably don’t want to be out late knocking on doors with a whiny or screaming baby who just wants to sleep. Also, people won’t have run out of candy, it will still be light out, and you can make it home in time to pass out candy or watch a Halloween special before bed.

Tip: Watch what goes in the mouth

Many candies can be choking hazards for little ones. Some people give away things that are not food. Some candy may have nuts or other foods you may not have introduced yet. You know what is safe for your baby to put in his or her mouth. Just keep an eye out, little fingers are quick!

trick or treat eating

Tip: Take lots of pictures

You probably will do this anyway, but this is just a reminder to make sure your camera has batteries and a memory card in it or that your phone isn’t out of storage space!

Tip: Let them be comfortable

If it is 90°F outside, don’t make your baby wear a head to toe dragon costume. If it’s 40°F then that tutu is probably going to need some tights/leggings/pants to accompany it. For some reason, parents seem to lose their senses about climate appropriate outfits on Halloween. Don’t fall victim to this trap! If that costume is all you have, take some pictures inside before you go and then modify it to be comfortable.

Tip: Stay close to home

If you are walking around your neighborhood, don’t get carried away and end up a mile from home. If you stay nearby, you won’t have to lug a diaper bag around with you. You can just stop by the house if you need. Also, if your child is suddenly completely over trick or treating, you won’t have to walk and walk to get back to your home while listening to a crying child. If you travel somewhere (like a mall or other neighborhood) plan to stay as long as everyone is having fun. Don’t try to stretch it out once you start seeing signs of tiredness or hunger. Otherwise you will be enjoying a long ride home with a crabby baby.

Tip: Have fun!

When they are still little is when you get to pick the costume and carve the pumpkins and eat the candy. Enjoy these holidays! If you aren’t having fun, you’re doing it wrong! Happy Halloween!

happy halloween

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