moosetoysLife of a Southern Mom recently had the chance to work with Moose Toys and review one of their products. Moose Toys is an Australian Toy design and development company with over 20 years in the industry making children happy.  They’re the creators of the wildly popular electronic pet, the Ugglys. This fall Moose Toys introduces the sickest collection yet of the grossly popular boys collection, The Trash Pack: Series 7 Junk Germs.


I received the Trash Pack Sewer Truck and the Trash Pack Series 7 Junk Germs. The Trash Pack Sewer Truck picks up trash and cleans out the sewers of the Trash Town. The trucks sewer cleaning tool scoops up all the festering Junk Germs and kids can create their own Trashie containment areas. Kids can send their Trashies on an adventure, tumbling into the trucks container. They better watch out because these Trashies may come crawling out with the release of the back door. The Sewer Truck is equipped with two bins and two exclusive trashes. The Trash Pack Series 7 Junk Germs is infesting homes like never before. The Junk Germ Trashies maybe hiding in these two small test tubes. Each pack comes with a collector’s guide for easy reference to all the new Trashies including Germ Worm, Vicious Virus, Pet Germs, Household Germs, and the all new Limited Edition Super Snot. The Trash Pack has been named on Toys R Us Top 15 Fabulous List.  There are over 100 Trashies the kids can collect, with each one having a different rarity.


I think the boys will love this because they are always talking about the craziest stuff or repeating the funniest stuff. As they say boys will be boys. That phrase can not be any truer in our household. If you are looking for the sickest and grossest toys in the boys collection check out more on The Trash Packs Website.

The Trash Pack Sewer Truck can be purchased for just $19.99, The Trash Pack Series 7 2-Pack for $2.99 and The Trash Pack Series 7 5-Pack for $4.99. (All prices are approx.) These would make perfect stocking stuffers while the smelly Sewer Truck is hiding under the tree.

The Trash Pack products can be purchased on Amazon or in-stores at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Toys R Us or Kmart.

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Disclosure: Life of a Southern Mom received one or more products mentioned above for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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