Simply Southern Couponers had a pleasure working with Hasbro Preschool Team. We were given the opportunity to review their Transformers Rescue Bots. As a parent of boys they definitely go through different phases of what cartoon characters they like to play with, or even watch on tv. We have watched Transformers Rescue Bots several times and I can say the boys love them. They think it is really “cool” to see them transform. 

robot 1robot 2

We received the Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Energize Optimus Prime Figure. It transforms from a Robot to a truck and transforming is very easy. All it takes is one simple push of a button. My boys are 6, 5 and 3 and even my three year old can transform his Rescue Bot without help. They even took it over to their MeeMaws for a sleepover to show them their new toy that came in a package. This one toy has been hours of play for the boys. It helps them with fine motor skills, social and emotion development and imagination learning. I know as a parent it is always great to have toys for the kids that help them learn, explore their surroundings, and use their imagination when they are playing. 

robot 3

 The boys have really enjoyed playing with their new Transformers Rescue Bots. They had to dig in their toy box to find their other Transformer Robots so they could play together. It is wonderful as a parent to sit a listen to the stories they make-up and act out when they are playing together. 

robot 4

 Playskool Rescue Bots can be purchased at most major toy retailers nationwide and on Retail price is $26.99. Suggested age is 3-7 which I think is a perfect age for the Transformers Rescue Bots. They have four different characters to choose from: OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, CHASE THE POLICE-BOT and HEATWAVE THE FIRE-BOT characters in the spring and BLADES THE COPTER-BOT and BOULDER THE CONSTRUCTION-BOT pals in the fall. The boys would like one each and they wanted to add it to their Christmas list so they could tell Santa. I guess its never to early to start their Christmas List. 

robot 5

 As you can see Eli and Ty have been playing non-stop with their Transformers. 

To see more Hasbro Playskool products you can visit their website here. 

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