ShiZZles began 2 years ago when Bethany was working with the United States Post Office delivering mail. It was getting ridiculously hot and she had to do something about the sleeves on her uniform. She used plain rubber bands to begin with until one day it popped in her head to add a piece of jewelry to make them cute.


Simply Southern Couponers has had the opportunity to work with ShiZZles. Living in the south I know exactly what Bethany was going through. I have rolled up by sleeves several times only for them to fall down seconds later and I get so aggravated with them. I received the White Frayed Flower  $4.99 and the Black Polka Dots also $4.99. I was so happy to review these. I have had times when I needed to roll up Aubreigh’s sleeves and I couldn’t figure out a way to keep them up (and also look cute). The ShiZZles are super easy to use. You just loop them around your rolled up sleeve and push it through the little loop and your sleeve stays up. Not only are these good for holding your sleeves up, they can also be used to dress up a blouse. Better yet, they can also be used for your hair!! Aubreigh can’t wear regular bows because her hair is so thick, so I tried the white frayed flower one on her hair and it lasted all day in school. Her teacher asked where I found one attached to a band and I told her they are actually ShiZZles and was first used to hold up sleeves when they were rolled up and she loved that idea too. There are endless ideas you can use with the ShiZZles, like wearing them as bracelets, putting them around koozies, putting them on flip flops. There is no limit to what you can do.


To see all of the Shizzles designs head on over here. Each one is only $4.99 and she has a large selections of animal, buttons, sports, flowers, rhinestones and more. These are perfect for yourself or your little girls.

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