With Halloween right around the corner, how better to spice things up then with a Totally Ghoul Animated Hippie Decoration. You can get this at Kmart and it is the perfect addition to your festivities. You can get this decoration for less than $20 so it’s not even a budget breaker to have something decorative for the season. These Hippie Skeletons sing the song ‘I Got You Babe’ which makes Halloween just a little more adorable.


These skeletons are meant for indoor use and can liven up the scene this Halloween season as your trick or treaters come to the door or you host a Halloween party. It will definitely be the talk of the party or the night as little ones catch a glimpse of it as they gather their candy from your home. It runs off of 3 AA batteries and is only a foot in size so the couple won’t take up too much space. Many people don’t think to decorate for Halloween but it can be fun when you have little ones in the house. Halloween can be more than just one night of fun if you let it be.

Pick this up at your local Kmart or order it offline from them and have it sent directly to your home. If you work in an office, this could also be a way to liven up your desk and to have a piece to start of conversation when people come to your office or desk. Decorating for any and all occasions is always a fun way to show off your personality and to add a little spice to a holiday that is normally just considered for candy and costumes. The singing that this couple does can be set to be sound activated which makes it even more fun if you have a gathering. Make sure to visit your Kmart and see what else they have to add to this to make your Halloween pop in your home or office.

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