Top 10 Tips for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding creates that much needed affectionate bond between mother and the child. The first milk secreted by the mother also known as colostrum is beneficial for children. It provides them immunity and has all the essential nutrients required for growth. No wonder, public service advertisements promote breastfeeding extensively. There are several benefits of breastfeeding and here are the reasons why every infant should be breastfed.

10 Tips for Breastfeeding(Image source: Shutterstock)

1. The Latch Is the Key: During breastfeeding it is important to get the right latch of the breast. Not having a right latch can lead to sore nipples and perhaps damage them. There is lot of information available online with images which can teach about the position of the latch.

2. Try New Breastfeeding Positions: It is important to try out important breastfeeding positions. Trying new positions help the mother and child identify what is comfortable for both the mother and child.

3. Use Moisturizer: Moisturize the nipples with lanolin cream or olive oil and heal the chapped skin of the nipples. It is very soothing to the breasts.

4. Help Yourself With A Breast Pump: Pumping out the breast milk at 3 weeks helps the lactation. Though it is an artificial method, it helps first time breast feeders and gives them peace of mind.

5. Use Natural Nipple Pacifier: The baby needs to be habituated to natural nipples in the initial days and create a strong bond with the breast. The artificial nipples or pacifier can lead to nipple confusion.

6. Keep It Pure: During the first few months, it is important to establish a strong breast bond. Try not to use a bottle or a pacifier. Artificial nipples can lead to a lot of confusion and the baby might start preferring artificial nipples.

7. Think Peaceful Thoughts: Mothers who consciously work on relaxing themselves with peaceful thoughts are actually able to successfully lactate and their breasts are able to easily produce milk.

8. Drink Plenty Of Water: Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water on a daily basis which will keep you hydrated. It also helps in production of a lot of milk.

9. Eat Healthy: Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and a healthy diet will help you to stay healthy and fit and will also nourish you. This will enable a soothing sensation in the body.

10. Timing Your Baby: It is important to see your baby respond to breast feeding to see if he or she has had a good fill. It is important to see less of the time and more of the satisfaction level to which the baby has been fed.

As you already know the benefits of breastfeeding make sure that your baby is denied of it. If your baby is denied of your breast milk he or she will not develop to the fullest and will be susceptible to infections and diseases. As a mother your duty is to provide protection and care to your baby. The best ways to show your affection is to breastfeed your child and ensure a secure future for him.

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