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My boys have been big video game fans since we got them their first Nintendo 3DS last year. They have seen advertisements for the new Tomodachi Life game and has been asking me if they could have it. I received the opportunity to work with Best Buy and feature this game features on my website.

Upon the arrival of our package, I told the boys we had a new game they were super excited but super excited when they saw what was inside. We received the Tomodachi Life game that lets you create and bring to life Mii’s. I am sure you have heard from your kids “I am bored” more times than you want to count. With Tomodachi Life, you can bring your family, friends or even your favorite celebrities to life. Some fun features include customizing their apartments, changing their voices, how they act and dress. You can also feed them, create new friends, go on dates, get in fights, get advice, go shopping and so much more. This game is compacted with so much to do. Who ever knew you could take a character on a game shopping, make them eat foods they like and dislike, record their favorite songs and see them perform right in front of you. On Tomodachi Life Island anything is possible.


I like being able to watch the boys each create other little men Mii’s because they act like they are creating daddy, granddaddy, mommy, mema, themselves and their new school friends. This game can be played alone or connected to StreetPass. The boys have really enjoyed playing this game, creating little miis, and exploring their imagination. The Tomodachi Life is available at Best Buy. Oh, and did I mention I have created a few of my own little Mii’s to join in with them so they can visit mom’s apartment and see her creations as well. This game is so much fun.

Personalities and Voices – not only can your create Mii’s that look like you and your friends, but you can also give them their own voice and personalities 2DS Key Messaging and so much more. Enjoy the drama and comedy of their Mii’s interactions and how their stories unfold.

To purchase your Tomodachi Life Game visit Best Buy HERE.

Playable in 2D and 3D; 3D mode for ages 7 years and up

Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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