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  Tom & Teddy was founded by two beach enthusiasts who loved the beach side living. With two boys in tow they share many memories of the beach while fun in the sun and sand. They created a beachwear collection for both men and boys in the spirit of the Australian outdoors. Tom & Teddy’s pieces are each individually made with high quality and durable material. 

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Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review products from Tom and Teddy product line. We got to choose three swim suits for each of the boys to enjoy while playing in the pool or visiting the beach. I let each of them pick their very own design for their swim suits. Andrew choose the Penguins, Ty choose the Salmon and Eli choose the Estate Blue Octopusswim shorts.

Upon receiving our package I feel in love with the boys swim shorts. The designs are very cute and stylish for boys. I love the way they feel as they are very soft and are not like other swim shorts they have where they the material is thin. What makes the swim shorts stand out from other swim shorts that the boys have is the material is chlorine and salt water resistant and are UV protected. The material is made out of 100% cotton mesh lining and have quick drying microfibre fabric. These shorts all have two pockets with one back pocket with a Velcro closure to add a little more style to them. The drawstring in the front are perfect for the boys because it seems every time they get in the water and then stand up there shorts come down each time, but with the drawstring I am able to tie them and they stay put while they are playing. This is a great fabric because when they get out of the pool they are standing there dripping wet and cold but with the quick drying material it takes no time for their swim shorts to become dry. The boys choose these swim shorts over their other pairs each time they head for the pool.

Tom & Teddy offers 17 different designs to choose from in both men and boys suits. If you are looking for swim shorts for your family that are very comfortable to wear, protect their skin from those harmful UV rays and are quick drying Tom & Teddy is just the place to shop.  

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Tom & Teddy is great for brothers and even fathers and sons to match their swim shorts for the beach or pool. To see Tom & Teddy full line of products head over to their Website here.

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