Planning Meals with a busy family can be very stressful. eMeals was founded by Jane and Jenny who are not only devoted wives but also moms who stays very, very busy. Jane stressed and struggled over planning meals weekly for her family. She would often find scribbled napkins in her purse that she wrote her menus on. She went to work creating a more organized way to make meal planning easy.  Along the way she recruited her sister who is also a fabulous cook. As they came together on ideas of meal planners they began working with a team of many experienced home cooks, meal planners and technical gurus. They developed eMeals to feed their families and maintain their sanity. Asking what everyone wants for supper can be quite frustrating. With eMeals you can plan your meals based on your family size, their eating styles and even pick your favorite grocery store. With eMeals you will receive weekly meal plan straight to your email that is complete with seven, family-friendly dinner recipes that each include healthy entrees and side dishes. Along with your meal plan you will also receive a grocery list by section with your favorite stores weekly sales. No more fussing with the family on what is for dinner, have a busy day or kids sporting events no problem with eMeals you can plan ahead. No need to worry about fussing with grocery lists because eMeals plans it for you. With over 30 different meal plans to choose from there is definitely a plan for every family. eMeals is the leader in online meal planning that provides simple, affordable meal plans for families everywhere.

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Choose from 12-month subscription at $58, 6-month subscription at $35, or 3-month subscription at $21. Every new user is offered a upsell by adding our lunch plan for an additional $4 a month with the same subscription as the desired dinner plan. Take eMeals on the go with you by having it delivered right to your iPhone.  Be sure to check out their holiday menus so you can enjoy your holiday without all the stress of planning meals oh did I mention the holiday plan free with the subscription!!! No more stressing during the holidays with planning your favorite meals. Let eMeals help you!!!

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