Preparing your child for school.

Tips for preparing your child for the new school year.

The new school year is right around the corner and my oldest will be going into Pre-K this year. I have had a ton of questions dealing with how to best prepare her for the new school year, here are my helpful tips and hopefully, they can help you as well. 

Clear YOUR schedule for the first week of school – Try to make your schedule as clear as possible for the first week. It is a very stressful time for kids, and it’s always great to have mom around to talk to. 

Set in place a sleep and eating schedule. – For a few weeks before school try to get them back into the routine of going to school. Try getting them to bed a little earlier, and if they have been eating lunch at 11, and won’t be eating lunch until 12 at school, set their lunch time back a few minutes every day so when school comes around they won’t be hungry until lunch. 

Limit TV watching – Especially in the mornings. Do something to get their brain flowing and help them get back into learning and thinking early in the mornings.

Make sure everything is ready – Don’t wait until the last-minute to get their school supplies ready. It will be less hectic for you and them if things are organized and in the right spots before school comes. 

Visit the School – Make sure to go to any orientation your child’s school may be offering. It will be a good idea for them to see their classroom and get a good feel of the teacher before going that stressful first day.

Wake up early enough to give yourself extra for anything that may happen – As much as we would want it too, the first morning of school will not go as planned, and to insure your child will not be late and start the school year off running late, wake up a little earlier to have time for any mistakes or mishaps. 

Here is a list of nutritional breakfast ideas that can help your child get that extra jump-start in the mornings. 

Fruit, Whole Grain Bread, Cereal, Milk or Yogurt – The brain needs glucose to function properly so these foods will give it the fuel it needs.

Eggs – The body needs energy to function and protein packed foods will help with that. Scramble and egg and top it over a bagel and top it with cheese for a protein packed breakfast. 

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