Most people hardly know an adult who’s excited about chores, which is why you need to start your boys early. There are ways of getting your boys excited about chores, it’s just a matter of how you go about it. Check out these tips for getting your boys enthusiastic about chores.


Think about it, we go to work to make money, so it only makes sense that a child would be excited about earning money for doing their chores. This is called “paying them commission.” They get paid based on the chores they do! Commission gets boys excited about chores because this means they now have their own money. They can buy their own toys or special treats and that really means something. Of course now you get to have the talk about spending, saving, and sharing.

Work Together

Sometimes the problem behind doing chores is completing them by yourself. Help your boys complete their chores or assign them buddies to help them complete them. Assign your boys a chore “buddy.” This means they’ll complete the work together and it promotes teamwork. When they understand that working together means they’ll get things done faster, they’ll get even more excited about getting their chores done.

Turn on the Music

There is something really exciting about doing chores to the beat of music. Turn on your kids’ favorite tunes when they are doing chores. Better yet, have a CD that you only play while your boys are doing their chores. Who doesn’t move faster or get excited when they have a beat to move to?

Have a Positive Attitude

A major way to get your kids excited about doing chores is to have a positive attitude about it yourself. Talk about how fun it is and how much great it’s going to be. Having a positive attitude about chores can rub off on your kids and get them excited about it too.

Give Them Age Appropriate Chores

Some kids aren’t excited about doing chores because they are given then wrong chores for their age group. Get your boys excited about doing chores by making the chores age appropriate. You can get an idea for age appropriate chores all over the Internet. Plus, you know your boys best, so keep this in mind when giving them age appropriate chores to complete.

Here is an Age Appropriate Kids Chores List Printable.

Do you have any tips for getting your boys excited about chores?

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