Here are some guidelines on how to raise a boy and what to expect while you are doing it.

Motherhood is one of the biggest crowning achievements in the life of a woman as it not only makes you feel overwhelmed by the feelings of love and adoration but it also makes you realize that you are tougher and more competent than you realize as you have just given birth to a new life and then care and nourish it into its journey to become a full-fledged adult just like you. But what’s a ride without a few bumps along the way?

As a mom, it’s a lot easier to rear a girl, because you have your own stack of memories to refer to when it comes to dealing with what it wants and add to that mix, the same inclination towards clothes, dolls, and activities and you have a perfect way to keep your girl child happy. But it is a whole lot different to raise a boy, whom you have had no affinity with as a gender. The roughness and the brazenness are quite alien concepts to you and are something which normally occurs when it’s time to raise a boy. Boys are quite different from girls and you have to accept that to make it work successfully.

As I recount the experiences I faced, there are a lot of things I wish I had known before I started raising boys, as they would have helped me immensely but I won’t allow it to happen to you so here are some guidelines on how to raise a boy and what to expect while you are doing it:

The tendency to act roughly is part of their gender.

If you see your little boy involved in an act which signifies aggression even when he is playing, don’t get alarmed, it is what makes them a man. Boys are inclined more towards acting quite tough than girls because of an innate desire to show physical prowess even when it is not required or just to act plain funny. Running around the house and making things fall over intentionally is something deemed normal by boys as this allows them to work those growing muscles and tendons that are acting like they just got too big for their size. Where girls are delicate and smooth, boys are quite the alternate and expect even a bit of roughing up of other boys by your son, even though if it is done through mutual consent and does not involve the notion of fighting, its just their way around what girls do to show love like cuddling and snuggling.

The nature of the toys around your house will make you realize how much in love they are with everything that has some sort of powerful aim related to it be it trucks or planes or even the train tracks spread in your living room, they just love to play with these type of toys and ramp up the fun with their even more aggressive animated sounds accompany the drama, just join in the fun and let the boy be.

Acting rougher can also lead to more discipline. Due to the nature of acting “tougher”, we work hard on effective discipline in our house so it does not get out of hand.

Expect a lot of clothes to be ruined and be displayed as something to be proud of.

You may love to dress up your child in the best possible fashion savvy chic clothes possible but when dealing with boys you have to remember that they do not understand the notion of how clothes are not just there for covering up the body but for making them look good. Most of the games and physical activities that boys indulge into will eventually leave their mark on the clothes and boys just love this! This also presents an opportunity for the mother to dress her child in anything she likes as the palate is so simple and so not focused on looking exotic that most women would definitely prefer to dress up a boy rather than a girl on any given day.

Boys love the outdoors:

Laced with the tendency to inhibit thrill and seek adventure from a young age, boys just love the outdoors and the far it is the better it would make him feel. It would be really advisable for all mothers to there to take their sons out to hike, camp or even fish as it would provide the boy with muchneeded rubbing on his itch to love the exotic and exhaust all the latent energy they have in store. So once a week or every month, make it a point to take your son out on such thrilling adventures and make it point to do so every time without missing by ensuring that you plan for it immaculately by keeping some money aside for the trip, making sure you pack everything required, getting home care services for your parents as you are going to be away for a day to or two on the trot. It would make your child love you even more if you give in to relishing his tendencies with empathy.

Here are some guidelines on how to raise a boy and what to expect while you are doing it.

The trips to the emergency room are quite the norm:

Expect cuts and bruises to be part of your everyday routine as the sharp edges of the sofa or the vulnerability of the cookie jar to survive major jerks to the cabinet would all add up to a lot of stitches flying here and there. When you are thinking of padding up your whole house and removing all those booby traps you didn’t even know existed in your house, just remember that it is what all parents go through and there is nothing to be ashamed of, but making the boy sit in one place isn’t going to work in your favor either, just make the child aware of dangers as much as possible and leave the rest to the minute chances of him not getting a cut in its arm whenever he whizzes by the trolley on his beloved skateboard acting as a daredevil.

The latent love for moms they inhibit subliminally.

They may be destructive and quite naughty at times but one underlying fact that makes this all worth the pain is the innate love they share for their moms. Boys like to act tough but melt at the slightest touch of yours if it makes them feel like a baby yet again. They don’t just start flirting when they get old as their first love will always remain with their all too adorable mom whom they find just too irresistible to be let go of that easily. The moms out there would love how their boys caress their hair and plant those adorable little kisses and provide their mom with the joy that far outperforms the difficulties that were faced in making them grow up to be even greater sons.

Do you have anything to share about things you wish you would’ve known while raising your boy

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