Greg is an avid hunter and with hunting season less than a month away, I know the mosquitoes will be bad when he is in the stand. Our stands our near the creek  we live on so of course the mosquitoes being attracted to water makes them ten times worse. We have been looking for something he could carry with him that would be easy to carry and odor free. We came across the ThermaCELL website and started looking around and found some products that we wanted to try. ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent was founded in 1999 and produces effective repellents that ward off black flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects within a 15 x 15 foot area. ThermaCELL is sold in 23 countries throughout the world and is an award winning product that has been recognized by entomologists as being a great solution for making the outdoors more enjoyable. 

thermacell1Simply Southern Couponers received three products from ThermaCELL. Our first product is a Patio Lantern which is great to use at home on the deck or patio, camping down by the creek or lake.  This has a decorative lantern that is perfect for the home. When I think of mosquito repellent being in a lantern my first thought is how can a lantern keep the insects away? Its simple this Patio Lantern does not smell like those citronella candles, has no flame which is great if you have small children. It has 4 LED lights that has two adjustments of low and high and operates on (4) AA batteries. How it works is the mosquito repellent uses one butane cartridge that warms the repellent amt that releases Allethrin. Allethrin is a synthetic copy of natural repellent that is found in flowers. It is the perfect size and this lantern is sure to protect you from those pesky insects so you can enjoy your outdoor activities.


Our second product we received is ThermaCELL appliance. This comes in handy when you are out in the woods and is perfect for hunting, gardening, fishing and so much more. The appliance is a device that is much like the lantern but is much smaller in size and can be carried on you. It works the same way as the Lantern that is odor free, no flames and repels the same distance as the Patio Lantern. Our last product was a ThermaCELL Holster with Clip in Realtree APG® Camo (that is sold separately) that is great for Greg to use while he is out in the woods or hunting.  


ThermaCELL can be used anywhere and is a great product to have in your home. To see more about ThermaCELL visit their website here

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