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Thera°Pearl is a doctor-designed and drug-free way to relieve pain and inflammation. Thera°Pearl was created by a doctor who knew she could suggest something to her patients better than a bag of frozen peas. Its unique Pearl Technology offers you the doctor recommended 20 minutes of ice and heat in one single pack. When you have pain or inflammation a doctor will usually suggest putting ice on it for 20 minutes, then put heat on it for pain relief. With Thera°Pearl you get both hot and cold relief in one single pack.

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Simply Southern Couponers had the opportunity to review 2 products from Thera°Pearl. We received the Children’s PalsRibbit the Frog & Pearls the Pig.


When we received our package, the girls and I were already impressed! They couldn’t believe they were getting a gift in the middle of the week! We opened it as quick as we could to see our new pals!


With a 4-year-old and almost 3-year-old, we have multiple ouchies and boo boos throughout the day. The other day, Kaylee was running and just fell down and busted her nose. I tried to put ice in a ziploc bag but she wouldn’t hold something that hard to her nose. I wish we would have had a Thera°Pearl pack that day.

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Meet Mr. Ribbit. Like most parents, I hate when my children are hurt and will do anything and everything to make them feel better. The Pals are small enough to fit and be comfy in a little one’s hand and also provide a big impact. There are no heavy metals, VOC’s or BPA’s and are safe and reusable so you wont have to worry about your kids playing with them. I loved how these even fit nicely in Kaylee’s small hands. The picture on the right was after we microwaved Mr. Ribbit for about 10 seconds. He was hot enough to provide pain relief, but didn’t burn the girls. He stayed warmer than the recommended 20 minutes, he stayed warm for almost 45 minutes!

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Meet Miss Pearl. Kaylee picked her out and has taken her everywhere. Her sister hit her in the face with a barbie and she started getting a little swollen at her eye. I put  Miss Pearl in the freezer for about 45 minutes (it’s recommended to stay in for 2 hours, but with an upset child, 45 minutes would have to do). Amazingly, she was frozen (as seen in left picture). She was not frozen, but the pearls inside of her frozen. She was still flexible and not hard or crunchy like a ziploc bag with ice or other ice packs. Kaylee laid on the couch for a good 20-30 minutes and held Miss Pearl to her eye (remember, this was the child who wouldn’t even sit still for a second with a ziploc bag full of ice). Today she woke up with just a little bump on her eye. Who knows how bad it would have been if she wouldn’t have let me put something cold on her eye.


I recommend The Pals to anyone that has a child, as well as the whole line of Thera°Pearl to anyone who ever has any injuries.

To purchase your own pal, or to see the rest of the line from Thera°Pearl, visit them here.

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