Life of a Southern Mom recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Thera°Pearl for a review of some of their their revolutionary hot/cold packs. Thera°Pearl has created some soothing hot/cold packs which are different from a traditional ice pack or heating pad. This is a product created by a doctor who wanted to provide a more form fitting experience and comfortable experience for patients. Inside each pack are many tiny blue pearls which maintain heat or cold for the doctor recommended 20 minutes.

TheraPearl Sports pack

Thera°Pearl has created 15 different wraps, packs, and masks to help everyone get the perfect product. From face masks to ankles and everything in between, they have a Thera°Pearl pack to meet your needs. They even have cute animal packs perfect for kids! All of the packs can be used cold or hot. By putting the pack in the freezer for two hours, you create a chilly cold pack. By microwaving it for a short time, you have an almost instant hot pack. Whether used hot or cold, the pearls retain their temperature for the recommended 20 minutes so you get all the benefits of the heat or cold. For review I am going to focus on four of the packs which will cover the majority of possible ailments.

The Ankle/Wrist Wrap

TheraPearl wrist

As a mom, maybe you’ve experienced this: your child is cranky. All day long. The only thing that will comfort her is to be carried around. Of course, you’d like to get things done too, so you put her on your hip and wrap your arm around her, sometimes putting your wrist in an awkward position. Once you have done this all day long, your muscles and your wrist will really be aching. If you have a propensity for carpal tunnel, this pain will be magnified immensely. Obviously, you could prevent this pain by using a baby carrier, but what if your wrists are sore from being at the computer all day or spending too long in downward dog in yoga class? I have had trouble with one of my wrists for some time now and had used everything from rub on creams to a wrist brace. I figured 20 minutes of heat with the Thera°Pearl Ankle/Wrist Wrap (which I had tried before with a traditional heating pad) wouldn’t do a whole lot for me but couldn’t hurt either. I was so surprised when I removed the wrap after the allotted 20 minutes and found a significant decrease in pain and an increase in flexibility in my wrist. After three days of using the wrap I had no pain at all! I honestly was shocked. I attribute the effectiveness to the way the pearls are able to mold around your wrist to create a perfectly custom shaped wrap to fit your body. Once I saw how amazingly Thera°Pearl worked, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to try the other packs.

Face Mask

TheraPearl Face

I was very excited to try the face mask as a way to relax after a long day. I have to warn you, though, it is a little off-putting in appearance. It is very generously sized, covering the entire face from forehead to chin and from ear to ear. It has holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth so you are able to both see and breath while using it. Again, the tiny blue pearls allow it to mold to your face, so when you fasten the Velcro strap across the back of your head, your entire face makes contact with the mask. After just a few minutes of wearing it chilled on my face, I was feeling more refreshed. I found it was also great for relieving pain for headaches in the forehead and temple areas.

Neck Wrap

TheraPearl neck

I wish I had the time and money to get a massage once a week. Since it’s a good day when I brush my hair and a great day when I leave the house, I’ll just have to settle for a baby crawling on my back as the closest I’m going to get to that massage. However, motherhood (and just life in general) can be stressful and if you hold that stress in your neck and shoulders, you are going to want to get this Thera°Pearl neck wrap. I’ve found that putting it on after I put the little one down for the night really helps me relax and enjoy the short time alone that I get before she inevitably wakes up to eat. It is so warm and soothing, it is exactly what I need to help me be at my best the next day.

Sports Pack

TheraPearl Sport

This is a really handy little pack. It is a rectangle containing those awesome little Thera°Pearl pearls and can be used anywhere you’ve got a need for it. If you don’t have a specific area that ails you but rather just want something that can be used to sooth sore muscles, cramps, and any other aches and pains, this is the pack for you. It’s small enough to tuck in a cooler and take to the basketball court or soccer field for those inevitable bumps and bruises. Toss it in the microwave for a short time and you can relieve that sore back.

I was really quite amazed at how effective these Thera°Pearl packs are at decreasing pain, soreness, and tension even within the first session. If you suffer from chronic pain, give one of these packs a try. If you just have occassional need for a hot or cold pack, I’d give the Sports Pack or even one of the Children’s Pals a shot. To pick one up for yourself, visit Thera°Pearl here.

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