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I was recently given the opportunity to review an item from The Visiting Elf. With Christmas just a little over a month away I wanted to get our family in the Christmas mood as we are still at lake waiting for the repairs to be completed on our log home and are hoping to be back home before Christmas so we don’t have any decorations here. When I saw this opportunity I thought this would be something neat to try for the kids to let them know Santa knows where they are even though we aren’t “home” and that he is still watching them to see if they are being bad or good. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Etsy Shop owner Wende Lavinder, who has created a stamp molding with little feet that look like sponges but are hard that you apply to carpet creating the cutest little Elf feet to let the children know that one of Santa’s visiting Elves came to see if they have been being good or bad. The Visiting Elf comes while the children sleep, but before they come in they sprinkle their feet with a special powder that allows them to walk around the house, go through the walls and windows without disturbing them. When they wake they can see everywhere the Elf has been in the house. Sometimes when they visit they may have a snack, play with their toys, or even take a quick nap. 

elf collage

Upon the arrival of my package, I couldn’t wait to open it. My package arrived in a beautiful red velvet bag with a sparkly Christmas Tree on the front. Inside were two stamps; a left/right foot, instructions on how to use the Elf stampers and also a personal letter from Wende herself titled Visiting Elf One-Making Tracks. Each of these stamps is handmade by Wende herself. While the boys were at school I decided to see how these cute little stampers worked. Per the instructions, it recommends using Baking Soda or Cornstarch to apply the footprints to the carpet because both can be used for deodorizing or cleaning stains and can easily be vacuumed away. I poured some baking soda on a paper plate and put the stamp into the baking soda then applied one footprint to the carpet. I tried a few with baking soda but was finding it wasn’t showing the prints that well, so I searched the cabinets for another product I could use and decided to try flour. The flour worked very well. It stuck better to the stamps and when you applied the stamper to the carpet it actually made the molding of a footprint. Once I got the hang of how to use the stampers I had so many ideas they were endless. I wanted to do the Elf coming in from our sliding glass door making its way to the boy’s rooms. I thought about letting the Elf skip or hop but decided to just let it walk so the boys thought it was sneaking in on them. I created a set of footprints going from our door to the boy’s bedroom door then turning around and making its way back to the door.

elf prints 1

I told Eli that one of Santa’s Elves came down to check on him and his brothers and that he would report back to Santa and let him know whether they been bad or good. Eli told Andrew and Ty about the footprints he saw when he came out of his room today and the boys couldn’t believe it. Now they are all being on their best behavior. I told the boys now until Christmas Eve Santa will send an Elf down to check on them. Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t know when he will be visiting again so they have to be good so they can stay on the “Santa’s good list”. They are super excited that they had a visitor and can’t wait until they all can see the footprints of the visiting elf.  

The Visiting Elf is a unique product that sends a special message to all young children. I am very thankful I was given the opportunity to share it with my boys and look forward to a new tradition to share with them during the holidays each year.

If you would like to purchase an Elf Footprint Kit for only $15, visit The Visiting Elf Etsy Shop here. It is definitely worth it to see your child’s eyes light up and big smiles on their face when they know Santa has been watching them.
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