Little boys can bring you to the brink of insanity and then gently ease back. Raising boys is certainly not for the faint of heart. It is messy and emotional. It can be muddy and even at times heartbreaking. As I look at them with their little elbow dimples and skinned knees, I realize that one day, they’re not going to be my little boys anymore – someday they will be grown, men. Someday they may even get married; I could be raising someone’s husband.

Being a boy mom means checking pockets before you throw shorts into the wash so you’re not fishing rocks out of the washer or dryer after your load is complete. I can’t recall how many times they’ve chased down frogs and lizards from outside, hoping to gross their mom out. Our boys live to gross anyone – for them, it is the biggest compliment to see someone sincerely grossed out.

Raising boys can be constant shushing; constant asking for them to calm down, to stop running, or to take their loud toys outside or in another room to play. From the moment boys are born they are on the go. From bouncing on the bed at 5:30 till they fall asleep at night they have 2 speeds fast and faster. They enjoy constant movement. It can mean dirty fingernails, mud pies, and wondering why their shoes are always filled with dirt, rocks, and mulch after a long day at school. It’s about telling them 100,000 times to stop touching their pee-pee or to stop farting on their brother.

If you have boys you will also have the chance to be blessed by their good night hugs and kisses.

You will hear their sweet “I love you, mommy”. You will get to kiss those dirty little skinned up knees after they have fallen down. You will be able to hug those dirty little necks tightly at night. Being a boy mom means a lot of things and some of them aren’t really glamorous and can be quite nasty but sometimes it’s really calm and quiet. Sometimes being a boy mom means you can read books to them about trains and cars. It can mean holding them in cute little character towels after a nightly bath. It isn’t always dirt and bugs.

Being a boy mom is the best job I’ve ever had.

Do you have any stories to share when your little ones love to get dirty? We would love to hear all about them.

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