bridgestone mediaSimply Southern Couponers was given the opportunity to review a DVD called An Ordinary Hero from Bridgestone MultiMedia Group. Bridgestone MultiMedia Group is one of the leading Christian media providers who offers family and faith-based entertainment products that inspire and spread the message of hope to viewers. They offer hundreds of movies titles from comedies, dramas children’s videos, adventures, educational, documentaries and many more. 

an ordinary hero


An Ordinary Hero is a true story about Joan Trumpauer Mulholland who growing up in the south witnessed the ugliness realities of racism and segregation and told herself one day she was going to do something about it. When she was just 19 years old she had participated in over three dozen sit-ins when she was put on death row in Mississippi’s notorious Parchman Penitentiary after joining the Freedom Rides bus to head to Mississippi. This movie is sure to inspire people of all ages and race to do what is right is even that decision may not be easy. 

My Thoughts:

Joan was a southern civil rights activist who turned against everything she had been taught and paid a price by being attacked, shot at, as well as imprisoned. She never wavered away from what she believed which was all people are created equal. After she was released from Death Row she was the first white student to attend Tougaloo Southern Christian School where she was also the first white student to join the Delta Sigma Theta organization. This has been an amazing story and I am very glad I got to sit and watch this story being told by her herself. Today she is visiting different places and sharing her story with others. She has since revisited the prison where she spent many months, her old college and many other places.  

This is a very good film one that will definitely inspire you. To see more about Joan Trumpauer Mulholland story visit here

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