rootletsThe Rootlets: Super Rootabilities is the first launched product in The Rootlets brand. Their mission is to help kids familiarize themselves with healthy eating of fruits and veggies. The Rootlets will be working to launch their new website, that will be jammed packed full of fun activities, games, learning resources, and exclusive content about the characters and their magical world. The Rootlets will also featuring products that include more books, toys, games, an animated TV show and apps for the children to enjoy.

The Rootlets released a new book called Super Rootabilities. Veggies are cool! Veggies are powerful! Veggies are awesome! The Rootlets are a brand new set of characters so adorable you want to eat them right up.
Get ready because on March 2nd, 2015, The Rootlets: Super Rootabilities will be launching their children’s book, where children and parents both can enjoy a new generation of superhereoes, with their veggie hair and healthy habits begin a new adventure.


Let’s meet the new Rootlets. We have Carrotina, Brocc, Kaley and Cornelius who live in a Planet Planted in the town of VeggieVille with their guardian and caretaker, Yammy Grammy, who plucked them from the ground with they were just sprouts and their dog, Basil. On their journey they showcase the super powers of plant-based foods all while exploring the magic of imagination and friendship.
This book is perfect for ages 4-9.

The Rootlets

I have been trying to teach the kids to eat better but if I’m not eating healthy then why should they, or at least that is what they think. Well I recently started changing the way I eat and the foods I eat by joining a program that helps you choose the right foods to eat and how much you should be eating by measuring your foods in containers. Let’s face it eating healthy doesn’t  happen over night but starting with small steps its a big step in the right direction. I have been telling the kids how important vegetables and fruits are and how we should eat them daily. Even though I have a picky eater he is beginning to slowly open his mind to other foods and give them a try. The boys really enjoyed this book and I did so myself. I love that the kids are able to read “child” related books that are related to healthy, learning topics. This is a book your child would love to read and also meet the fun characters along the way. 

About the Author: Vicki Marquez, is a certified health instructor, wellness expert, plant-based author and chef. She lives in Chicago with her husband, stepdaughter and two quinoa-loving Yorkies. “Her dream is to break the stigma that healthy living is boring and to show both adult and kids that plants, especially veggies, are ridiculously cool! “
About the Illustrator: Jeremy Russnak, resides in Los Angeles, where he is perusing his passion in the field of animation. He is originally from Chicago and has created illustrations for the Time Out, Chicago Reader and also has other publications.
The Rootlets: Super Rootabilities can be purchased here for just $12.99 and has 40 pages with a soft cover.

If you are looking for the perfect book to help teach your children that fruits and veggies are really cool and healthy then this book is just for you. Be sure to keep checking in on The Rootlets website here for some really cool things coming up. Their website is still in the works.  

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