Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without the classics! Every year that I can remember has been sweeter with Brach’s Conversation Hearts. As a child, I would analyze the messages and decide who should get what phrase. As I grew up, I loved to try to spot new messages on my Brach’s hearts. 

Now I am a mom and a wife, but Valentine’s Day still has the same sweet traditions with Brach’s. Every year I give my boys a box and sit back with my own classic snack. The boys love to analyze the messages and snicker at them while I reminisce over the conversation heart messages of my past.
Brach’s are for more than just sharing in a box! Over the years I have found so many cute and creative ways to incorporate Brach’s Conversation Hearts in my sweet treats for the holiday.

 Brach’s® Valentine's Candy

We received a box full of Brach’s candies including Tiny Conversation Hearts, Large Conversation Hearts, Sweet & Sour Conversation Hearts, Very Berry Conversation Hearts, Tiny Conversation Hearts Boxes 5 Pack, Jube Jel Cinnamon Lips, and Jube Jel Cherry Hearts.

If you are a busy mom like me, you might like a few of my ideas that make use of Conversation Hearts! With Valentine’s Day parties coming up and the kids being older I am searching for the perfect treats to send to school with them this year. That’s when I know I can rely on Brach’s® candy to help me prepare treat bags for the boys’ classmates.

A cup of pudding can become a declaration of love. On busy days in February, I like to sprinkle a few select hearts onto a cup of vanilla pudding for a love note the boys can eat. You know that they say the way to the heart is thru the tummy; this easy snack idea sends the love to the tummy in a sweet way!

Baked goods are pretty sweet as is; but adding a classic like Brach’s conversation hearts adds flavor, color, and sweet sentiments. Baked from scratch, or straight out of a box, adding Brach’s Conversation Hearts adds a sweet sentiment to any baked good!

Try Brach’s Easy Peasy Valentine’s Cupcakes

If you don’t have time to decorate, adding a few conversation hearts to cupcake icing, or even just sprinkling them around your tablescape takes the decorating to a sweet level. 

Classic candies like Brach’s Conversation Hearts makes the holiday sweeter, with tradition and a mix of pop culture from the messages printed on them, you can’t go wrong at Valentine’s Day with America’s classic heart candy!

Do you have a tradition of gifting Brach’s Conversation Hearts? I would love to hear more about how they make your Valentine’s Day sweeter.

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Disclosure: Southern Carolina Family received the above-mentioned products for free in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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